February 22, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

I've always loved the sentiment in that proverbial expression, but had no idea where it came from. Maybe you already know or maybe you've wondered about it, too (or maybe not)? With things like this, I'm sometimes reluctant to ask anyone thinking for sure that they'll look at me with a surprised "how can you not know that" face. Do you know the one I'm talking about?

So anyway, I looked it up. And in case you were wondering, "hope springs eternal" comes from a poem called "An Essay on Man" by the English poet Alexander Pope (1688-1744). Pope first published it anonymously because he wasn't so sure about how it'd be received by his readers (maybe I'll keep this in mind for future fabric lines *wink*). Interesting..

Then, I got to thinking and maybe the expression should be "spring hopes eternal"? Because look at these little cuties I spotted in our garden over the weekend:

These mighty little snowdrops and crocuses have pushed their way up through frozen ground and melting snow. A bit of hope that Spring is on its way! The signs are out there (if you lie on your stomach, squinch one eye shut and look really closely).


  1. Everything is pushing its way past weeds brought on by the rain we've had. I love spring..

  2. Yes, and Joy comes in the morning.
    Interesting post...and no, I did not know that either. Thanks for doing the research and sharing :-)

  3. love when those crocuses come through really a miracle when you think about it..Looks like I may meet you next weekend so looking forward to it..

  4. Love this post...I really love quotes and words and language and the history of all...so thanks for this fun info. Also...I don't think you need to worry about putting out fabric anonymously...ever...your work is too wonderful to ever worry!

  5. oh how i can't wait for the rain to come and make all this snow melt away...

  6. Where are the 'shrooms??? I want to show my husband your husbands crop of mushrooms. BTW, had fun with you and your girlfriends at Make and Mingle today. My clutch looks more like a mailbox, but that's okay, right?

  7. We have ours in our garden too...

    We got our catalog of Crate and barrel, with your plates on first page!!! I'm so happy for you...I saved the catalog.


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