February 4, 2010

Catching Up

Whew, so much to share this week. First off, i'm tickled silly that Verna yardage is now shipping! So despite what Punxsutawney Phil said, Spring is coming early! Yippee! The Jolly Jabber asked me to share some thoughts about my first fabric line hitting the shops. Hard to put into words, really..but you can read more here. Hmm, just realized I use the word "Yippee!" a lot (with varying number of "ee"s and "!!!"s). What can i say? I get excited. On that note...

...thank you all so much for loading my inbox with wonderful notes of encouragement, kind thoughts, and inspired creative visions. It's an immeasurable joy for me to be able to share what I do with you (with help from the amazing Moda, of course)! I never realized that quilters are secretly spreading an epidemic of happiness. All I have to say about that is...count me in!

Which is why, when I learned that the Fat Quarter Shop had picked:

for the:

I signed up immediately! One look at the incredibly talented group of designers who were contributing their block designs, and that pretty much did it for me! I mean look at this list:

You can read more about the Block of the Month here (and even get a sneak peek of one of the blocks!). Mind you, I'm really new to all of this, have only a general idea of how it works, and my sewing skills...well...they're improving. So why not head over to FQS to sign up — and then let me know you'll be doing it too so when I need help, I'll know who I can turn to! And if you don't participate, this adorable quilt kit is also available:

(this one uses the super fun panel! How can you resist!?)

And just this morning, I saw that another cuuute Verna quilt recipe is on the Moda Bake Shop! It's called "Easy as Cake" (amen, thank you Konda). When I clicked on the link to Moose on the Porch Quilts, it dawned on me that 1) I've only seen a moose in the road, but one on the porch? Wow! and 2) I actually have one of Konda's books! Simply Charming is on my desk rightthisveryminute. I guess it's fair to say that the words "easy" and "simple" are incredibly appealing to me. As are "fast" and "fun" (in case you're looking for a book title for beginning quilters).

So what all this amounts to is that each day is full of surprises and I'm grateful for each one of them and each one of you.


  1. i'd sign up.. but i have another plan in mind for your new fabric ;-)

  2. Yes, your new fabric was instantly on my list as soon as you pre-viewed it here on your blog. But like the other Julie I already have a plan for it. Not and evil plan muahahahaha ... but a plan :)

  3. I signed up for the BOM. I loved the fabric when I first saw it, but wasn't sure what to do with it. Well, now I do!!! I can't wait for the first block to ship! I was so excited when I saw that they are using your fabric for it.

  4. Yes, I've signed up...and have other plans as well...I'm definitely going to make some "Piece of Cake" versions in 12 Days (Pattern by Camille)...I think it will make a great Christmas lap quilt...and such an easy, fun pattern! Love the Moose on the Porch quilt with the pink sashing...and Vickie's table runner too!

  5. I am SO tempted to join...I still haven't finished my BOM from 2008...yet...only have 11 of the 12 blocks done. And I am not sure what I am going to do with 12 days yet...but I WILL make something.

  6. I did one of the FQS designer mystery block-of-the-month programs two years ago. You will not be disappointed. The instructions and designs are wonderful. I am so happy with my quilt (it just needs binding. I loved that there was ni applique and it was just piecing. I kept up-to-date with each month because everything was spelled out so well. I also bought their finishing kit. It was such an excellent BOM program.

  7. A friend has been talking me into doing this block of the month too. I love the fun bright colors of this line, so I'm very tempted! Can't wait to do something with this fabric!

  8. I joined up last week, can't wait for the blocks to start coming!!

  9. I've joined in on Fat Quarter Shop's BOM - even though I also ordered some of this line for my shop ;-)! I've never done a BOM before, and with these cute fabrics and great designers, how could I not join in?


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