June 21, 2010

Seeing Stars

Hey, are you getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July? Maybe you need some festive paper plates and napkins to put a little extra sparkle on your picnic table? How about these and these from Crate and Barrel?Ok, i admit it. I might have had a liiiittle something to do with these.

ps: my Loire plates are on summer sale, so it's a great time to
snatch them up before they're gone gone gone...

June 20, 2010

Dear Dad,

I think that about sums it up. I love you!
And to all the other dads, husbands and grandfathers out there...hope your day is filled with love. xxoo

June 15, 2010

A Flurry of Winners!

Thank you all so much for sharing your Christmas projects. I definitely got some great ideas and i hope you did too! As for the winners, let's get right to it, shall we? And let's please ignore the fact that i was supposed to post this last night.

Lauren, i think it's so wonderful that you're setting out to make Christmas quilts for your whole family. Wow, are they ever lucky! I admire your goal, and hope the jelly roll will get you off to a fun start. Please email me your mailing address and i'll put it in the mail right away. Oh, there will be a little extra "stocking stuffer" surprise in there for you, too. Just because ;)

After Lauren's number was picked, i think i was possessed by the Christmas Spirit and just wanted to keep giving gifties! So...i couldn't stop myself and drew three more numbers/names. Congratulations to:
(It's the Marcia who said, "I would like to make a coffee table runner as a backdrop for Christmas decorations, and if enough material, a banner to hang over the front window.")
Each of you will receive one of these cutie cute cute 12 Days patterns to make an adorable 59" x 59" quilt that looks like this:
There will be a little extra stocking stuffer in there for you, too! Who doesn't love surprises!? Please email me your mailing addresses so i can get these out lickety split.
Merry very early Christmas to all!

June 9, 2010


Are you getting used to me forgetting to mention something and then having to post again? Sorry, i get into a bit of a blog fog. So, i just wanted to mention that if you haven't signed up for the
you should head over to Fat Quarter Shop and do so right now! There are still some spots available and the first block is shipping this month (woohoo!). I'll be sewing along with everyone and will even be posting the blocks i make (did i actually write that??) in the 12 Days flickr pool. It'll be such fun to get to know you a little better...one block at a time!

Also...if you're looking for some Christmas (and other holiday) inspiration...do you know Gudrun of G.E. Designs? I had the incredible pleasure of meeting her at her beautiful booth in Minneapolis.
Gudrun has a fun new book available! It's called Fast & Furious Holiday and has 16 different holiday-themed projects to "quilt as you go". Christmas, Easter, 4th of July and more!You can buy a copy from Gudrun's etsy shop. Or read more about it on her blog where some of the projects are featured. There are tree skirts, ornaments, table runners, wall-hangings and yes, these adorable stockings she made with...eh hem...a certain line of fabric that you might just win...Gudrun, thank you so much for using my fabric in your inspiring project (and for featuring it on the cover no less). I'm so honored. It was such a joy to finally meet you in person!

Ok, i think that covers everything...for now. Until I remember that i forgot something else...

Giveaway Decoy

This was supposed to be a Quilt Market recap post. You'll forget that in a second (i hope) because instead...it's a giveaway! A little bird told me that my "12 Days of Christmas" fabric line is now shipping from here, here, here (and many other places), and i thought it'd be fun to celebrate by giving away one of these:
Turn down the air-conditioning and get ready for a blizzard! Corny, i know, but i couldn't resist. To enter to win, please leave a comment letting us know about one of the Christmas craft projects you hope to make this year. Everyone who signs up for my mailing list (bottom left corner) will be entered twice! If you're already on there, have no fear, you'll be entered twice too. All i need everyone to do is write x2 in your comment so i know to count you twice. Random.org and i will pick a winner next
Monday, June 14th. Good luck!

Also, at the request of a bunch of people, I've added a 12 Days flickr link button to the right sidebar (under the Verna one), so brrrr...please join the pool and share your amazing projects anytime. With a long, hot summer ahead, it's the perfect place to cool off. I really look forward
to seeing what you make!

this giveaway is now closed. thanks to everyone for participating! keep your eyes peeled for the next one...soon.

June 3, 2010

A quick P.S.

At Surtex, lots of people asked, "So besides the plates at Crate and Barrel, where else can I find products with your designs?"

Lightbulb moment (it should've clicked on a while ago).
And so, I updated my web site to include a new "Products" section:

when you enter that section, there's a handy list with lots of the things that are out in stores now — or coming soon. You'll notice a certain someone's Mom is now carrying my kitchen textiles at Home a la Mode (thank you, Karen!). Anyway, i hope this helps.

I almost forgot! You can also sign up to be included on my mailing list where you'll be the first to know about any new products and upcoming giveaways. I have to warn you, though..the sign up button is a little wonky, but it works. Just click the subscribe button once, and then wait for the email confirmation. When the little message pops-up, please disregard the "subscribe" button below it. Hope to iron this out soon...

June 2, 2010

Surtex Booth Tour

What a whirl of fun and fanfare these past few weeks have been! I'm a bit overwhelmed with deadlines at the moment, so instead of writing a clever and entertaining narrative to accompany these "recap" posts, i'm going to rely heavily on the ol' adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words." Oh, and a truism: "If you have to set up or break-down a booth at a convention center, you can count on it to rain." You haven't heard that one? Hmm..

So here's what a booth at Surtex looks like before it's all spiffed up. It comes with walls, 3 chairs, 4 lights, and a desk — mine also came with a very helpful husband who went on a city-wide scavenger hunt for 3M picture frame hangers (yup, i bought the wrong ones). The day came with other challenges, too. For instance, that's me in the corner trying to get
our extension cords untangled:
Showing a little progress...and a lot of relief— 3M command strips in-hand
at last. Pete ended up buying every last one in every Staples store
in New York City. No joke.And now for the moment of truth...will they stick to these walls?Sweet relief, yes! Note: this is where we should have stopped for lunch.
But of course we didn't. We pressed on until it was finished and i was so happy with how it all came together:
One of my favorite parts about doing this show is having a chance to talk directly with manufacturers about some of the innovative new products they're in the process of making. I'm always inspired by the contagious enthusiasm people have for what they do, and thankful that my artwork speaks to their visions. It's this type of collaboration that keeps me wide-eyed and eager. I came out of the show with some promising opportunities that i hope to share with you...soon!

Another highlight is catching-up with fellow artists and sharing some of the challenges and successes that we've experienced over the year. Hey, we can only help each other by sharing what we've learned, right? For this reason, i was so happy to chat with several new exhibitors. Perhaps some of the mis-steps i've made can turn into stepping stones for you. Congratulations on your accomplishments already!

Finally, i couldn't have done any of this without the love, support (and patience) of my husband, Pete. Thank you for cooking dinner when my fingers were too sticky with spray mount, for tolerating my month-long "trial run" booth set-up that took over our living room, for spending 4 long days with me in an 8' x 10' space...and for keeping your sense of humor the whole time (with the exception of the 3M incedent).
Yes, this picture was taken on the last day.
Still standing, still smiling.
But we also kind of felt like this:Next up...Quilt Market recap!