June 29, 2012

InstaFurry Friday

It's hard to have fur when it's so hot outside, but these two have been keeping busy finding new ways to beat the heat — aka: moving around as little as possible, aka: napping!
 Additional feline shenanigans and daily snippets can be found here —which seems to be happening a lot more frequently than it is on here! Hope you're staying cool wherever you are.
Have a great weekend.

June 15, 2012

Furry Friday Double Feature

Rated CO: Cute Overload

(that could have gone on all day. seriously.)
Have a wonderful weekend!

June 11, 2012

Surfacing From Surtex

The past few weeks since we got back from Surtex have been craaaazy! We had such a good show and are so grateful to the many wonderful companies and people who stopped by our booth to chat. Lots of exciting new opportunities that we have been diligently following up on and putting presentations together for (which is why it's been so quiet on here. Sorry!)

So much work goes into putting a booth together and i am happy to have had some extra help this year. For instance, i handmade a huge bouquet of paper flowers...
...but didn't have a box big enough to transport them in. No worries, my "help" got right to work making a custom box. First measuring...
...then busily constructing.
Next, i needed some sand to put in the vases so my flower arrangements would stay in place. Franny got right on it: 
 While she was busy with that, Lou helped with the bubble wrap...
 ...and gathering all the tools we needed.
 All this work was pretty exhausting!
But thanks to some good team efforts, we finished and even had a little packing material to spare. 
When we arrived at the booth, it was pretty blah; 3 chairs, a desk and 3 hard white walls.
What's really fun is to see the space transformed as months of planning come together. You might remember last year when we ran out of gaffer tape? Or two years ago when we ran out of 3M command strips and Pete went on a wild scavenger hunt all over Manhattan? Eh hem...not this year! We were totally prepared...
...well, ok, except for one thing. Somehow i forgot to bring my "master plan" printout of where everything was supposed to go! So we had to improvise using the fragmented images in my memory. But it finally came together (thanks to Pete again for his sense of humor), and we were really pleased with the outcome.
Look at how happy (but blurry) we were on Day Two:
Probably because we had eaten a scrumptious dinner the night before at Eataly. Yes, even the balsamic vinegar was delicious...
...and so was the tiramisu.
 But the blissful effects of the cocoa delight had worn off by Day Three, when exhaustion had gotten the better of one of us ;)
 You can imagine how happy we were to get home to these two:
And finally now to be back in touch with you!
Hope you've been well and are enjoying the start to a beautiful summer.