October 19, 2012

Furry Friday

We finally got around to painting the dining room last weekend! Lou helped with the drop cloth and Franny did the crown molding. So nice to have such good helpers around here.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

October 5, 2012

Sweet Little Surprises

I like sweet little surprises. Who doesn't! And “sweet little surprises” sum up this time of year pretty well here in our new neighborhood — crisp mornings, visits from family, friends, new neighbors, and migrating birds at the feeder. Reds, oranges and yellows are slowly coming into the landscape, and we've prettified our front porch with some happy mums and a pumpkin (or is that a gourd?). Hope you are enjoying the shift in seasons as much as we are.
Some newsy news...i recently learned that a bunch of fun gift wrap, tissue paper and gift bags i designed has finally landed at 400 select Michaels Stores! Pete and i raced over to the nearest store to check it out and take some pictures so i could share this exciting news with you. We didn't find any in our location, so maybe you'll have better luck! Here's a sampling of what it looks like:
You can always ask the store manager if they'll be getting it in or if they could order it (wink, wink). If you find it and like it, i'd be so grateful if you could leave a "thumbs up" or review on the Michaels website. Thank you!

As we were roaming the aisles at Michaels, we came across another sweet little surprise...
...my Christmas goodies have already arrived! I had no idea they'd be in the stores so soon. I don't know about you, but i'm not exactly ready to be decking the halls or making lists and checking them twice (i haven't even bought Halloween candy yet), but now i'll be prepared for when the time comes. There's all sorts of fun stuff including these note cards, magnetic list pads and chubby pens...   
...and these adorable little shaped melamine plates.
I think these plates would be perfect for some festive cookies, don't you? Fortunately, my extensive clutter of cookie cutters, colorful sprinkles, and frosting bag/nozzles made it in our recent move. I know i saw them somewhere around here, and hope to find them before Christmas! An assortment of cute holiday gift wrap should hit the shelves at Michaels some time in November, so keep your eyes peeled — for all i know, it might even be there already.

What sweet little surprises are finding you these days?

 And here is a little fur to end the week. These two are so happy that their kitty hammock was finally unpacked!
It's starting to feel like home sweet home around here at last.
Have a wonderful weekend.