February 9, 2010

Funk-Buster #3

It's so cold out today and they're predicting lots of snow for tomorrow (we'll see). The big blizzard missed us last weekend and i wonder if our local weather people felt kind of left out — which could explain their hyper-excited forecasts for significant accumulation this time around. Of course like all weather people, they conveniently don't commit to their predictions and leave us with an "iffy" report at best. Notice words like "possible" and "chance of". However...

During the summer when I was 14, I set off for quite an adventure. I signed on with a teen tour group for a month-long bike trip from Portland, Oregon through the redwood forests of northern California, down the coastal highway all the way to San Francisco. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Well, it would have been had I not fallen off my bike on the third day and broken my collar bone. Disappointing for sure. But why am I telling you this? Because unlike the weather people, I am incredibly accurate with my ability to predict rain within 24 hours. My collar bone will have a solitary ache and I'll know to pack an umbrella the next day. Crazy, huh? Just curious, would this be considered a superpower? Too bad it doesn't work for snow, too. Or picking lotto numbers.

Getting back on track: February Funk-Buster #3 — at this time of year, I always dream about going to some extravagant spa to melt away the winter blahs in a bath of exotic sea salts or a luxurious, revitalizing lavender luminescence massage treatment (you can basically put any sublime adjective in there and i'd be happy..try substituting "divine", "indulgent", "radiant", "purifying" etc. etc.). But I only get so far as making a glass of what I like to call, "Spa Water", and maybe taking a bubble bath.

Recipe for Spa Water: 1 orange slice, 1 lemon slice, 3 cucumber slices, a lot of imagination. Combine all in a glass of water and get ready to be swept away. Refill (often).


  1. I keep a pitcher of "spa" water in my refrigerator at all times. Mine has lemon & cucumber- perfect refresher to wake me up in the morning! but somehow it isnt nearly as pretty as yours ;)

  2. Ohhh, spa water seems divine right now - I might just need to go now and jump into a bubble bath!

    I actually have the same "superpower", except that it's my ankle and knee, not my collarbone. When I was 13 I was tripped at Summer camp and broke my ankle on the second day (let me just say that this was also a riding camp and so I didn't get to ride the entire time) and then was I was 18, I fell and cracked my knee cap. Now I feel the rain coming on too!

  3. So sorry about the collarbone...I can't even imagine. This spa water...on the other hand...looks like a must make for me! Thanks for these fun posts!

  4. Do you drink it? LOL Sorry I couldn't help myself, that's how bad I need a spa treatment.... Sorry about your collarbone Kate. We are south of you in PA and it's already snowing here. I am going to give your refreshing drink a try, thanks.

  5. GROCERY LIST --------

    Relax and enjoy the day. Betty Lou

  6. This sounds perfect (the spa water - not the pain in your collarbone). I need to go to the grocery store.

  7. Hi Kate, This spa water sounds wonderful and just what I need as I watch the video we posted of Sarah and her package. She was so thrilled and immediately went to work sorting the squares. For most when they watch this it will be sorta ho hum, for me it represents hours and hours of physical and occupational therapy that Sarah has endured. It brings tears to my eyes as I watch her in my sewing room and for your compassion and generosity. I will keep adding to the video as she starts stitching. Thank you so much and we wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day!!


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