November 18, 2014

Season of Thanks: Thank You Vera!

As we near Thanksgiving, I like to pay extra attention to the many things for which I am thankful.

I’m thankful for many of the outstanding companies I’ve had the good fortune to work with, including Moda Fabrics/United Notions and CHF Industries, to name just two.

CHF manufactures and markets quilted bedding featuring my designs. You can find the bedding online at and other retailers. Thank you to many of you who have spread the word about the bedding collections and purchased them. I am grateful for your support. In no small part, your support has contributed to CHF continuing to work with me on three new lines for March 2015 release for Macys and other retailers.

How I got going with CHF is another example of, first, never losing hope and, second, always trying to be prepared in case what you hope for comes calling … even years after you first pursued it.

Back in 2009, I began looking for bedding companies to license my designs to. At the top of my list was CHF Industries. I greatly admired the variety and quality of CHF's offerings and thought my designs might add a little something. We reached out to CHF in 2009 and again in 2010, with no response. This happens a lot to me, so I tried elsewhere...never quite finding the right fit. 

Fast forward to the spring of 2013, when out-of-the-blue, I received an unexpected note from Katy at CHF. She was the same person I’d written to 4 years before and she was now interested in seeing some of my latest designs for bedding.

Since then I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with CHF and Katy. They're a wonderful group of dedicated, creative, humorous and hard-working people, whom I have developed a deep regard for. I am grateful beyond words to work alongside everyone there.

And you can imagine how fun it was when I learned from Katy that her stepmom Vera is an avid quilter! So of course we sent Vera a mix of Central Park fabrics to enjoy this summer. 

Another happy surprise arrived in my e-mail last week: A note from Katy with photos of Vera's "Marigold" quilt made with the fabrics I'd sent her. It's beautiful!!
I was so tickled by Vera’s creation that I asked Vera to share with us a little bit about her “Marigold” quilt, her Manatee Patchworkers group in Bradenton, FL, and about herself. 

Take it away, Vera! And keep an eye out for another package. :) 

About Marigold:

I created Marigold from the yellows, oranges, and greens of the Central Park fabric collection. As I had a limited supply of the out-of-production Central Park fabrics, I supplemented with a few coordinating blenders from my stash. 

To create Marigold, I used the Chopped Blocktutorial from Missouri Quilt Company

Marigold is 64”x54, uses bamboo silk blend batting, and includes large blocks of Central Park fabric on the back. I stippled Marigold on my 18” HandiQuilter using a very fine platinum polyester thread.

I plan to make a baby quilt from the Central Park pinks and blues. To extend my stashes variety, I located some Central Park nickles on-line. Marigold and the yet unnamed baby quilt will be entered into the Florida State Fair in January. Afterward, both will be given away, and all remaining Central Park will go to my guilds charity stash. 

About Manatee Patchworkers:

Manatee Patchworkers began as a small group meeting at a private home in 1982, was chartered by the National Quilters Association in March 1983, and held their first quilt show in late 1983. The quild held an annual quilt show until 1994 then switched to bi-annual shows. Today the guild has over 100 members.

Manatee Patchworkers exists to serve the community and to further quilt education. Current service projects include creating 40”x 50” quilts for Manatee County police, quilts for cancer patients, 700 Christmas placemats for Meals on Wheels, and Christmas gifts for our local Salvation Army shelter residents. 

Our outreach to the Manatee County police is called Quilts for Cruisers. This program provides the county police with a stash of 'cuddle quilts' they give to distressed children who must be removed from their home or any crime scene. We provide over 175 quilts per year to Quilts for Cruisers. This program has been so successful, a sister quild in Sarasota County has adopted it.

To create the huge number of community service items, we make kits members can pick up and return at meetings. We also hold monthly and, as needed, special work days. We have members who like to specialize in one aspect, such as binding or quilting, and those members complete multiple items each month.

The turnover rate on the Patchworkers charity stash is high!

About me:

I am a retired IT engineer, currently living in Florida. 

I began making doll clothes when I was six years old. By high school I made most all my dresses, skirts, and blouses. I've sewn garments for my children, my grandchildren, and made bridal wear for family and clients. I've also made decorator items such as window treatments, slipcovers, and pillow for myself, family, and clients. 

I began quilting 12 years ago. I enjoy it so much I purchased my first frame and head in 2005. I've made about 70 quilts for myself, friends, and family. I pieced 8 and quilted over 30 charity quilts in 2014. 

I recently became a great-grandmother. With several grandchildren reaching maturity, several weddings and a family population boom is coming. I've started planning wedding quilts, and established a completed baby and juvenile quilt stash. Loving the colors in the Horizon collection, I recently purchased a nickle to use in a baby quilt. 

My husband loves my quilting passion. He says I can get many, many hours of entertainment from one yard of fabric, and the worst that is going to happen is I may stick myself with a needle.

I love honing my quilting skills and hope to leave a lasting quilt legacy
for my family.