May 13, 2016

Grand Canal Hunt/Giveaway: Day 5 of 6

Welcome to the fifth post in the Grand Canal visual-inspiration hunt and giveaway! Only one more day to go. It's starting to feel like the end of a vacation when you are squeezing the most out of those last few days knowing you'll be homeward bound soon...sighhh...

This pattern, called Millefiori,
was inspired by a colorful glass technique of the same name. Here's an example of a beautiful vase made using this process, and my small doodle on the right that expanded into the repeat pattern above.
The term millefiori is a combination of Italian words; "mille" meaning "thousand" and "fiori" meaning "flowers". I had the mesmerizing pleasure of watching the process underway at this museum in Murano. What’s the name of this museum?
(I almost forgot to blur out the name on the banner hanging over the door!)
BTW, have you seen some of the incredible EPP Millefiori quilts that have been popping up everywhere?? Seriously, treat yourself to a look at them! They're a fussy-cutter's dream come true and are astounding. I poked around and learned that there's an instruction book by Willyne Hammerstein if you'd like to give it a whirl.