May 11, 2016

Grand Canal Hunt/Giveaway: Day 3 of 6

Welcome to the third post in the 6-post Grand Canal visual-inspiration hunt and giveaway! Ready for today's question?

This pattern, called Giardini, began as a sketch I did in the gardens or “giardini” where an international art exhibition occurs every two years. It has taken place in Venice since 1895.
What is the name of this international exhibition in Venice that focuses on contemporary art and includes events for art, dance, architecture, film, and theatre?

Here's a page from my sketchbook where I used sepia ink to paint small details so i could remember what I saw when I got home and began to design this collection. You can see some elements from the Giardini pattern in here...maybe a few others as well *wink, wink*. And there are some that never made it onto fabric.