August 27, 2015

DIY, Part 2

Hope you've been enjoying the summer! It's been a busy month, but i managed to squeak in a couple more of the DIY projects i picked to make from one of my Pinterest boards. This one i like to call "Doodle Dishes". Pretty simple and fun to make! I used Pebeo Porcelaine ceramic markers and a couple white porcelain dishes from Ikea and created these... 
Once the dishes are baked in the oven, the markings become dishwasher safe. So far, so good and we'll see how they wear over time. If you try this, be sure to wash your dishes first and try not to touch the surface as you work. You can see some spots where the ceramic pens resisted the plate surface and resulted in thin, faded lines — probably from finger oils. But no biggie, after all, "handmade" means you actually use your hands and i don't mind the irregularity at all!

Next up...shibori tie-dying of cotton napkins. Some of you may have seen the live photo-feed on Instagram when i was making them. It was an amazing and super-satisfying experience that i'll share more details with you soon. Until then, have a beautiful day!


  1. would you believe, my first thought: "She should sell these" LOL!! "doh" moment of the day :) They are both darling, of course! :)

  2. Wow! Beautiful! I would happily buy a set of dishes like those. :-)

  3. Wow. That yellow bowl is so pretty!

  4. Adorable...I am thinking craft project my my granddaughters t make holiday gifts!

  5. I can't bear to mark this post as read in Bloglovin because I love seeing that gorgeous bowl everyday!


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