August 4, 2015

DIY, IRL Part 1

Here we go! I'm happy to share with you the first of the DIY projects from Pinterest that i set out to make this month: Crayon color-blocked votive candles. If you're not sure what the heck i'm talking about,

For step-by-step instructions, the tutorial i followed can be found here. The following info includes a few pointers to help along the way. In gathering supplies, i ended up going to Ikea to get the small glass votives. Everything else, including the soy wax flakes and wicks can be found at just about any well stocked craft store.
The tutorial called for microwaving a mix of the wax flakes and crayons and since we don't have a microwave (i can hear your gasps of horror), i improvised by heating water in a shallow pan and using paper cups to melt the wax. In general, it worked fine. I was surprised by how quickly everything melted when stirred with the wood popsicle sticks. However, if you use a lot of wax, it will take longer to melt and you may end up with a leaky cup and {pretty} mess like i did. Luckily, everything was very easy to clean up — even on the pan, counter and floor!
This step was pretty clever. You use a plate stand to tilt the votives so the colorful wax stays at an angle. I found that you had to use two votives per plate stand or they wouldn't stay in place. Another pointer, as you layer the wax, make sure to adjust the wick so it's straight and stays in the middle as much as possible. 
I had originally planned to use only three crayon colors per votive. I picked them out and even figured out which order i wanted them to appear. But then i learned something about myself (again) that has happened for as long as i can remember anytime i get around a new box of crayons...i get this irresistible urge to use every. single. color. in. the. box. So i kinda did.
These were really fun and easy to make and i love the little bursts of color they've added throughout our house!


  1. Those are so cute, Kate! And I agree with you - why would they put so many colors in the box if we aren't supposed to use them all!!

  2. These are terrific! I think they sure beat anything you can buy! They are pretty as well as functional. Put them in every room and if your power goes out you will be ready!

  3. So cute and colorful! Kudos for following through on your projects :)

  4. SO stunning! You've made my day! Thanks! I like it like it like it! Super cool! I'll do it myself, I'm sure:)


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