January 29, 2014


Happy Chinese New Year … and Happy Superbowl-Groundhog Sunday!

This weekend, we’ll be galloping into the Chinese New Year — The Year of the Horse — and making wagers on spring’s arrival through the groggy eyes of a prognostically challenged groundhog!

Depending on which groundhog webcam you watch, (don’t miss this little guy’s crib in Nova Scotia) spring is supposed to arrive (somewhere) in 7 weeks. Shall we begin the countdown now?

On the same day the season's fate is in Punxatawny's paws, American football enthusiasts will be awaiting the fate of their favorite team in the Superbowl. Seahawks fans, beware, pop cosmology isn’t on your side this game!

I admit i'm not a huge football fan, but the Superbowl always seems to be a marker of the near-end of one season and the almost-beginning of another (no matter what Punxatawny says). The light around here has already started to shift and the days are a teenie bit longer. Yay! But it's been so cold that none of the snow has melted in our slumbering garden.
That's ok because lots of colorful flower-filled seed catalogs have been arriving in our mailbox over the past couple weeks and i've been piling them up for just the right quiet time to dream of warmth and to plot out some ideas for spring planting and gardening.
I've also been plotting out some new colors for another line of fabric for Moda! Here's a little peek of some of them...
Regardless, no time like the present. 

I hope you all have a smooth, adventurous ride this Year of the Horse — with good health, nurturing friendships, and swift strides toward your dreams.

Woah, horsey! Almost forgot...Daydream yardage should be shipping soon!

Please post and share photos of anything you make with this collection (or any collection!) on my Facebook page. Your creativity and talents bring me so much happiness no matter what the season.


  1. You are my favorite fabric designer. Can't wait to see this gorgeous collection in our shops here..They look like a breath of spring, congrats on another lovely accomplishment.

  2. I love the color palette you're plotting - one of my absolute favorite combinations of colors. Can't wait to see what it grows into!

  3. I cannot wait to see your new collection you are planning, I love those colors!!

  4. Loving playing with Daydream, I think it's my favourite so far.

  5. I am so excited for your new line to ship to stores! It is beautiful!

  6. Just love the blues in Daydream, so I am excited to see a few more in the running for your new line!

  7. Love the colors you are working with! My Daydream yardage will arrive tomorrow and I'm so excited. I think it's my favorite of your lines to date. :)

  8. I have been looking for some really good yellows - not golden tones, but sunshine yellows - you seem to be one of the few designers that is offering those tones - from the pic above, think I will be stashing some more great yellows......

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  10. Happy Year of the Horse to you too. I love the palette of the new line and of course I can't wait to get my hands on Daydream. My readers are just itching for the Charm Swap Round 2 to start.


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