January 31, 2014

Blast(s) from the Past and a Survey

One of my favorite parts of each day is when i happen upon an inspiring fabric-ie project that someone made using their creativity, imagination, unique perspective, talents and their two hands. Sometimes the projects might even include fabrics i've designed for Moda Fabrics...and let me say that the excitement i feel when i discover your beautiful work does not get old! It's an immeasurable joy for me and if i've left a comment on your blog that's maybe verging on "gush-ie", i'm sorry but i just can't help it. If i've missed finding/seeing any of your projects and you'd like to share, please consider doing so on my Facebook page. I'll definitely see it there — and will probably gush over it! 

A few recent highlights included seeing a free quilt pattern using Daydream (shipping now), a beautiful window display Joyce put together with all sorts of projects using Sunnyside, a cute quilt on Etsy using mixed-lines, as well as quilts made with Joy and my next winter line, Solstice.

Sometimes i come across a project that uses fabric from an out-of-print line like these from Verna, Fandango, Central Park, Terrain, and Good Fortune. Remember them!? Seems like so long ago...

Meredith F. made this delightful decorative pillow using Verna.
Paisley Crazy made this “Senior Year” Quilt for her daughter in college using the “CharmingStars” pattern, designed by Stefanie Roman of Little LadyPatchwork, and fabrics from Fandango.
Gretchen of Stella Bella Quilts created this Schnibbles quilt using the “Four Corners” pattern by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. and fabrics from Central Park.
Misa Martin made this Supernova quilt using fabrics from Terrain
Sue Pfau of Sweet Jane’s Quilting created this quilt using the “Journey” pattern by Sweet Jane’s and fabrics from Good Fortune.
We get lots of emails from people hoping we might know where they can still find cuts from some of these lines and much of the time we have no idea...until now. We've decided to start stocking limited-edition-specially-selected bundles of out-of-print lines in our online shop. What we'd like to know from you is: which fabric line would you like us to stock next? Please click here to take a quick survey to let us know your favorites. We appreciate your help so much.

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Oh my! I will be able to get some more Central Park fabric!
    How exciting!

  2. Central Park is THE collection that started me even knowing there were collections :)

  3. Yay! Paisley Crazy is my mom! I'm the lucky girl who received the beautiful fandango quilt. I still use it and love the colors, which have inspired my home decorating quite a bit. Thanks for making such fun fabric :)

  4. I have my own hoard, oops, I mean stash. So whatever you post will be wonderful. Could use some fandango. But, I love them all.

  5. I tried to do your survey, but I just can't. Color is my motivator. It doesn't necessarily matter which color; just whichever one is used in a manner that inspires me at the time. I do appreciate this post with past projects. It helps me to see how the fabrics were used. I especially love the Moda Bakeshop project. The way she has cut and blended the fabrics is genius. The quilt is just beautiful and very enabling.

  6. Great projects and of course, always fun to see. At some point I might actually use up all of my KS fabrics but I'm certainly not expecting that to happen anytime soon.

  7. Am looking for Fandango charm packs. Can you help me?

  8. Hi Kate, I love your fabric designs. I am a new quilt blogger, and I have a running list of where to look for OOP fabrics, http://www.hudsonvalleyquilts.com/2013/10/sources-for-out-of-print-fabrics.html. I will be sure to add your URL to the list, which will run on 4/23. My OOP favorite is Verna, and I love your newest, Daydreams.


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