September 10, 2011

Put Your Walking Shoes On!

It should be landing on the shelves soon...maybe even at your LQS! You can also find it here (available now) along with some great patterns by Jaybird Quilts, Sweet Jane's Quilting and Design, and the Schnibble Queen...Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.. If you'd like, you can download the free pattern i designed as the project sheet to go with the collection. It's a quilt called "Stepping Stones" and i was floored when it popped up in the Terrain flickr group! Suzanne made it even better by making it bigger and adding that cute border.
Have fun exploring the bright saturated colors of Terrain, and please don't forget to share here so we can all see what you've created!


  1. My tummy is doing flutter kicks in anticipation of purchasing some of your Terrain line now!!! Thanks for the heads up!

    A Stunning quilt;)

  2. YAY!! I've been really excited to see Terrain 'in the flesh'. And I love the pattern you came up with for it. I think I'll steal Suzanne's idea and make a bigger version of it.

  3. Thanks for the terrain update and Suzanne's idea! I think I'll steal it, too;-)

  4. Oh, Suzanne's version is great with the piano key border! So fun to know Terrain is shipping. P.S. Loved the fortune cookie in your last post!

  5. How fun! Can't wait to see these in person. I am off to check out your links! Hugs!

  6. We have the charms and jelly rolls in the shop already and I bought them the minute they came out of the shipping box, literally. I will be waiting for the bolts to arrive so I can get more.


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