September 22, 2011

Designer Select Bundle...giveaway!

Don't you just love the Fat Quarter Shop? I do — and not just because they happen to carry a lovely assortment of my fabric *wink* (though i love them for that too) but because they know how to make things fun! They've recently started a Q&A series on their blog, the Jolly Jabber, called Designer Tidbits. It's such a lively and personal way to introduce you to new and upcoming fabric lines...straight from the designer! If you want to find out about what inspired a collection, or get a sneak peek at upcoming lines, or learn some silly facts about favorite snack foods or what's in the fridge, then you definitely need to check it out. Plus, they do lots and lots of awesome and generous giveaways :)

They've also started another series called Designer Select, and i was thrilled when they asked me to participate. Basically, each designer is asked to select an assortment of 12 prints and 3 solids of their current fabric collection. For me, that would be Terrain. It was a challenge to narrow it down to just 12 skus! But i had so much fun playing around with grouping different color combinations, and finally settled on a cool palette with some of my favorite prints and colors in the collection:
When i saw the beautiful Bella solids that Moda made to match the deep iris-blue-purple and moss green in Terrain, i knew i wanted to coordinate with those since they would give me the chance to highlight the periwinkle, navy and teal range. For some reason, i'm naturally drawn to cool colors — with the exception of orange, that to me is in a whole category of its own. I hope you love this assortment as much as i do and that it gets your creative
wheels spinning!

Oh yeah, i mentioned a giveaway, didn't i? Another part of the Designer Select series is that the Fat Quarter Shop is giving away one of these bundles to a lucky winner! In addition to giving some background on inspiration, i was asked to give three facts about myself...two true facts and one fib. All you have to do is pick which one is the fib and you could win! So click on over to enter your guess while there's still time. The giveaway ends on Monday Sept. 26th.
Good luck and thank you Fat Quarter Shop! 


  1. I love the colors in Terrain. Some of my favorites, too!
    The 2 Truths and a Lie segment on Jolly Jabber is hilarious! I made an educated guess based on things learned from this blog. Can't wait to see the answers :)

  2. Dang! I thought you were going to give us a "Clue" I'm all ready in it TO WIN IT!

    I love all the great patterns in your Terrain!

  3. Thanks for the link to the giveaway. Your fabric is really beautiful. I love the colors.

  4. Your background on here is my fave print from that line!

  5. Love the fabrics you chose! I have already entered at FQS for the giveaway...not crossing my fingers though I am always HORRIBLE at those "guess the fib" things. Guess that is why the FBI hasn't recruited me yet. Well. That and my complete inability to run more than a quarter mile.

  6. I'm so excited - I just found out on Miss Print's blog that I won one of these lovely bundles! So I'm not entering on the Fat Quarter Shop's giveaway, to give someone else a chance - - - because I'm sure going to enjoy mine!!!! It's beautiful fabric, Kate, and great choices from the whole Terrain line-up!

  7. I love reading thier Q&A about each of the designers and those three things where we have to pick the one lie from them are really tough sometimes. Your three things we had to choose that one lie is no different; they were tough as well. I can see where each could have been possible; yes, even that many Smurfs. LOL

    I love all your fabrics Kate and Terrain really hit me because I absolutely love purple and my favorite color combo is purple and blue. That mossy green is also one of my favorite colors as well so seeing all those in one collection really caught my attention even more. I've seen a few peeks at Good Fortune coming next year and am already loving that as well. SO pretty as they all are. I seriously don't know how you keep doing it Kate!

  8. This line is so amazing! It's my favorite this year. You did an awesome job Kate! Judy

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