August 18, 2009

Flower Power

Could zinnias be any cuter? This little planter sits outside our kitchen door where we pass it by each day. It has been blooming constantly for almost two months, and each time a flower opens, it's quite a surprise! In the early early spring, I went to our local garden center and picked out a variety of zinnia seed packets with colors that I thought would look nice together. I brought them home, emptied all the packets into a bowl and stirred them together...making a surprise blend!

At Surtex this year, I gave out small envelopes of this same surprise blend. So if you happened to have picked one up at the show, and planted it, I hope you've also been treated to this cheerful, summery bouquet of vibrant and inspiring colors!

If you decide to make your own blend, one pointer is to be sure the seeds you buy require the same type of sun exposure (full sun, part sun, part shade, full shade). Water regularly and enjoy!

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  1. I planted my little seed packet I got from you at Surtex in a pot on my deck mid summer and the flowers are beautiful!

    I was wondering how you got such a great variety of types in that little packet :)
    thanks kate the flowers brighten my day everytime i look at them

    ~erin ries


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