August 13, 2009

Despite the Blight

For all of us backyard gardeners, this year has been a particularly challenging growing season (to say the least!). Our hopes for overflowing bowls of gazpacho and salsa have been diminished to BLTs (not that that's so bad) and maybe, if we're really lucky, a few oven roasted tomatoes. We picked our first three tomatoes a whole month later than we did last year!
You may already know about the fungal blight that has devastated tomato and potato crops in the Northeast. It was a strain of this same fungus that caused the Potato Famine in Ireland (yikes!). And wouldn't you know, as luck would have it, our "experimental veggies" this year were...potatoes!

Since we were not sure that our crops had been infected,
we thought it best to dig up one plant (reluctantly) to see. Fortunately for us, we found a beautiful handful of fingerlings that we ate for breakfast!

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