February 12, 2017

Splendid Sampler Grand Finale!

Cue the fireworks, balloon shower and confetti toss! You've made it to

Really, pause for a second to absorb what that means.

 Think back to last year when you were debating about whether you'd join in on this project. Think of all the things that have happened since. And now, know that each of your quilt blocks serves as a reminder of your commitment to your creativity. The quilt you make from all these blocks will be one to treasure. The stories and life events, and the miles of stitches that have been shared are as inspiring as they are unforgettable.

This quilting journey has been about the best things our sewing community has to offer; learning from each other, supporting each other, and through social media, connecting with more than 25,000 sewists, stitchers and new friends around the globe. In fact, when I saw this graphic that plots all the splendid participants, it really made me see just how far and wide our community is – though it looks like we need to hold some quilt retreats in Greenland and Mongolia ;)
For those of you who are visiting here for the first time, welcome!

Great thanks to the inimitable creators of this epic adventure, Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. {Applause, applause, standing ovation! Brava, ladies!} Their vision, care, creativity and perseverance brought the Splendid Sampler to fruition and brought all of us together in a memorable experience.

I first began to quilt in 2009, around the time that Verna, my first fabric collection for Moda came out. I didn't know anything about piecing blocks and didn't know any quilters I could turn to for help. Luckily, YouTube was well-stocked with video tutorials and that was when Pat first came across my screen. It's thanks to her that I learned how to sew a 1/4" seam allowance! As for Jane, if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting her in person, you will instantly feel her sincerity and kindness. Her beautiful long arm quilting is also a site to behold! It's no wonder that these two dreamed up this project and were so able to pull us all together for it.
So without further ado, it is an enormous pleasure and an honor to post the final and 100th block.
My block is called, Centered and can be found here.
Whenever I have a chance to sew, I find enjoyment in every part of the process. I love the focus it takes to measure, cut, and sew fabric pieces together and discovered it to be a surprisingly calming activity that I enjoy more than I could have imagined. The design of my “Centered” block is meant to reflect this feeling – radiating outward – and all the tranquil moments I treasure at my sewing machine.
Tip: You can fussy cut the center of each block to highlight something special. The blocks below are made using Early Bird, my next fabric collection for Moda. By now, you're probably an expert at sewing with small pieces, so you won't hate me too much for the size of some of these pieces! ;)
And, there's good news for all of you who are like me and maybe didn't get to dive in as much as our hearts had initially wished. There will be a book! You can pre-order a copy here.
The Splendid Sampler project reminded me how quilters and creators, while sewing together, grow together in a creative community that excites and enlarges us. The world can always benefit from more of the positive energy you’ve brought to bear through this creative voyage. And remember:
Please be sure to stop back here on Valentine's Day for a very splendid giveaway!


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