March 15, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Happy spring (almost!). I hope you're very well and that a spectrum of colors are creeping their way back into your landscape.

We've got spring fever here and are itching to open the windows and start spring cleaning! Until then, i thought i'd start right here on my computer desktop. I don't know about you, but mine tends to be a scrambled sea of files and folders, especially when i'm super busy. Here it is. I even thought the shingles might help me group things, but that never happened.
So i got to thinking and put my design-ie skills to work in creating a fun desktop wallpaper organizer!
I've seen a few downloadable grid-like organizers but decided to add my own flair with some colorful desert blooms and succulents. The desktop is framed into nine fields, to help me organize; "get started", "in the works", "finish up", "inspiration/favorites", "folders/miscellany", "future projects", and, down the right side, "important", "follow up", and "to be filed". Here's what my desktop looks like now (and i can actually find things quickly!):
We’re offering these for sale, via digital download in the shop. I've scaled the image and frames for 4 different screen resolutions – you choose based on your display specifications. If you're not sure which is right for you, please email us and we can help!

Happy spring (cleaning)!


  1. What an ingenious idea! I love the soft colors and beautiful KS designs! A very clever way to organize!


  2. How cute, and clever! Although the shingles were great too! I just love changing the wallpaper all the time on our computer!

  3. Kate, I love this idea! My desktop is full of to-do's...while not a mess, it's not neatly organized. This concept is great!

  4. What an adorable idea, goodness knows someone like me needs some tremendous help with organization.


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