January 12, 2016

Collaborator Spotlight: Tina Egner

If you've ever been to Quilt Market or read blogs that describe how much {fill in favorite sweet-treat weakness here} gets consumed while prepping for the show, you already have a sense of how much work is involved. I usually make at least one quilt myself, but last October i just didn't have enough time, so i sent out an S.O.S to two amazing sewists and one wonderful longarm quilter for their help. I'm incredibly grateful for their time and talents, and i would never have gotten the quilts made without them! Over the next few days, i thought you might enjoy getting to know a little more about these women behind the scenes, because really, they deserve to be in the spotlight.

First, i'm delighted to introduce Tina Egner.
Tina on her porch in New Jersey
Tina takes lovely photos and makes beautiful things, which she describes as "handmade and designed with love." After seeing her work in person, I know that this woman pours her heart into everything she does. Truly. See for yourself over at Tina's Etsy shop, on her Instagram feed @EmilyAnnsKloset, or on her heart-warming web site where you will learn so much more about Tina and all the joys in her life, including her beautiful children.

Tina and i "met" on Instagram and discovered we have a mutual quilter friend, Jessica Bloomberg (aka @craftycop on IG). In the weeks leading up to Jessica's birthday, Tina was looking to do something special for her and thought i might have some out-of-print fabrics to surprise her with. Jessica and i have met a few times at our local quilt shop, Christie's Quilting Boutique, and she's so nice that i thought it'd be fun to send her not just one out-of-print fabric but a bundle of them! Few things can beat the fun in conspiring with a fellow sewing enthusiast to make someone else happy! And i'm pretty sure we did.

So, after all that fun, Tina graciously agreed to help me by making the Atrium quilt that i designed to go with Aria, my latest fabric collection for Moda fabrics.

The Atrium quilt hung in my booth at the last International Quilt Market in Houston, and is now back home with me.
 The quilting was done by local "quilt master J" (as i like to call her), Bridgeport, CT native, Janice Roy. We picked a simple vining leaf edge-to-edge quilt pattern that coordinated perfectly with the leaf motif in one of my prints. More about Janice and her beautiful work, soon! Here is a close-up in all its crinkly loveliness...
So as if making this enormous quilt wasn't enough, sweet Tina took all the scraps from this project and made this adorable mini surprise for me! I will treasure it, always. 
Tina's beautiful work speaks for itself right down to the tiniest detail. I'm so happy to have gotten to know this shining star and hope you will too!

Keep your eyes out for Aria at your local quilt shop. It will be shipping to stores in February and is already available in Australia and New Zealand.

Come visit tomorrow when i'll introduce you to Crystal!

Have a beautiful day!



  1. Love the quilt and have been enjoying Tina's work now for a number of years.

  2. Love the quilt and have been enjoying Tina's work now for a number of years.

  3. I love the hand stitching on your little surprise! It is all in the details. Love the colors in your fabric as well.

  4. The big quilt is beautiful and the little mini is too cute for words!

  5. So wonderful to have great helpers to support you Kate! All these quilts are beautiful; for market, sweet gifts and also sweet oop bundles!

  6. Beautiful work Tina!!!!! I love her blog, Instagram, and etsy store! So sweet of her to help you.


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