August 27, 2014

Horizon -- Romper and Sweater

Becca DuVal created a cute romper and sweater using my upcoming fabric line Horizon. She also did the art direction and photography. And, oh yes, the gorgeous, dynamic, and beyond-super model is her little girl, Kaelyn. 
Photos © Becca DuVal
Pattern: "Aster Cardigan" by LBG Studio.
(that's my amazing friend, Jennifer "SisBoom Boom!" Paganelli)
More Becca DuVal project photos to come, here and on my Facebook page.


  1. The romper is adorable ! I think my favorite part is the heart patch on her elbow though. =D I've been spending a lot of time lately patching kid clothes so I love seeing cute patches.

  2. oh my goodness - the romper is adorable and in my favorite color. She's too cute.

  3. Beautiful quilt, front and back!!! I think I would bind it in either one, or a mix, of the dark blue prints that make the center of the star. A scrappy mix of all the prints would be my second choice. I LOVE your fabrics! Just finished a quilt with Sunnyside!! I have a lot of your In From the Cold Fabric, too, waiting for the right pattern (and time). I will have to get some of your Horizon collection - it's just fabulous (and I used to live by the sea and my boys would bring me seaglass) I guess charm packs are my favorite because I can afford them!

  4. I am not much of a quilter except for babies. However, I sew custom products for the home, as my profession. I would choose one of the two blues in the center of the quilt as the binding. I do a lot of machine applique and would love to use a charm pack or jelly roll.

  5. My first quilt was a Sampler made in Damascus, Syria in 1996. It holds many wonderful memories of people and places. I love the new Horizon Charm Pack and can't wait to get my hands on it!

  6. I like charm packs and jelly rolls and LOVE your Horizons fabric! I would bind your quilt in the darker teal, but that's probably because teal is currently my favorite color!

  7. I think a Horizon layer cake would make a gorgeous Double Slice layer cake quilt! Very pretty fabric.

    Your kitties look like our Tucker. He is such a sweetheart.

  8. My first quilt was an embroidered heart block of the month-each heart had a monthly theme! Very folksy. LOVE your Horizons fabric; I would use any of the blues to bind!


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