March 27, 2014

Chair Flair

This is the boring chair that i happen to spend a lot of time in.
Probably too much time!
It's been this boring since the day i brought it home from Ikea almost ... hmm ... 4 years ago? I've tried not to dwell on its lackluster style because honestly, i don't see it much while i'm sitting in it. But i've simply tired of its gray blahness and well, a little extra style could do my studio some good. So...until i find my dream chair (Pinterest here i come!), i thought a little facelift was in order. This is pretty much a no-brainer DIY, and would require you to have a similar chair seat/back to work the fabric around. But in case you'd like to know, here are the very few key steps:
Then measure the dimensions of the seat and cut enough fabric to wrap around the edges and with about 3" extra to tuck underneath. Do the same for the chair back. Use a flat head screwdriver to push the fabric between the cushion and the chair frame on both the seat and chair back ...
... and you're done!
I used the Wayside Garden print in Marine from my Honey Honey fabric collection
Now i might just keep it for another 4 years! Well, maybe...


  1. So great. It Looks so fresh and happy now. Maybe you won't sit on it any more and only look at it :-)

  2. Love this! I've always had a boring black chair in my sewing room. It could use some brightening up!

  3. I know what my next project will be! It actually stays tucked? Happy chair!!

  4. How awesome can you get with the fresh look that this chair has. Love it!!!

  5. Wheeheehee! I love the way it looks! :)

  6. Looks fabulous! I've been inspired! Thank you!

  7. Now that is an awesome idea.

  8. I love it! I need to do something like this with my office chair. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier to comment on the Reach for the Stars quilt. The Sunnyside line is just so beautiful!


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