October 8, 2013


Sometime over the summer, i posted a photo of our little bathroom cabinet on Instagram/Facebook. I asked everyone if they thought i should paint it or leave it as is and really wasn't expecting anyone to care to chime in. But i was wrong! If you were one of the people who shared your opinion and even suggested techniques and paint applications i had never even heard of, thank you.

There's nothing really ground-breaking here, but i thought some of you might also be curious to know what became of my cabinet makeover. Like many of you, i had been leaning toward leaving it as is, but wanted it to be functional enough so that when you pulled a washcloth off one of the shelves, you wouldn't get paint chips in your eyeball. That's not too much to ask for, right? Some of the inside shelves were watermarked and discolored too, so i got out the ol' Minwax® White Wash Pickling Stain and gave it a very light coat on the interior only:
Then finished the inside (only) with a satin polyurethane. I took some of your other suggestions too and lightly sanded the outside to even the wood color a bit ...then gave it a couple shiny new brass hinges...
...and replaced the knob with this cute mercury glass one from Anthrolopologie...
...and voila! Finito!
Oh yeah, and then i painted the whole bathroom!


  1. Well one has to paint the bathroom to better show off the cabinet, right?!?! ;-)
    It looks wonderful!!!! Great job.

  2. Very nice.
    And your ending note is funny too. It figures that a new little cabinet would lead to another project.


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