May 16, 2013

Surtex and Sunnyside

Hi everyone! We're in the finish-line sprint getting all our boxes packed up and ready to head to the Javits Center in NYC to set up out booth at Surtex. I'm so excited to be showing some new products and design collections and am looking forward to a great show! If you're attending, please stop by and say hello. We'd love to meet you.
But alas, this time of year is also bittersweet because i miss having a chance to see all my dear friends at Quilt Market. If you're in Portland, can you please give everyone a big hug from me? And then skip on over to the Moda booth to have a peek at Sunnyside! If you're not going to be there (like me, sniff sniff), here's another little peek.
Yes, there's some driving rain and stormy skies, but they help to make the flowers grow once the sun finally comes out again. More on all of this...soon.

You know who else loves the sun? These two!
And we are going to crazy miss them while we're away! But they'll be in good hands and you should see the bucket of toys and tubs of treats we leave with our kitty sitter...

I'll be posting photos on Instagram of our booth setup if you'd like to catch a peek. Otherwise, see you back here soon!
Have a beautiful day.


  1. I can't wait to see MORE of Sunnyside! Sorry that you have to miss Quilt Market. :(

  2. From the sneak peek, I know I'll be getting some Sunnyside for a new project. Love it already!!! Adorable photos of the kitties. Can they be cuter????

  3. Have a great time! And a huge thanks for the cat pics:-)

  4. Sunnyside sure looks fabulous! I think the kitty with his (or her) paws over his (or her) head is the cutest kitty ever!!

  5. Gosh your kitty's are growing Kate. I absolutely love the look of your Sunnyside range. Lovely and crisp and gorgeous. Have a great time whilst you're away. I wish "Down Under" here in little ol" NZ we had the chance to have things like shows of new ranges and Quilt Market. I guess thats the luck of being a HUGE country compared to our wee piddly one.

  6. Can´t wait to see more.Have a fabulous time!!

  7. Love the peek at Sunnyside! Adore your kitty pics:)

  8. I LOVE Sunnyside! I love the raindrops. Can't wait to see more. I'm hoping the raindrops come in orange too! :)

  9. My sunnyside arrived today. I LOVE it. :) Can I have a note to stay home from work tomorrow? :)


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