January 10, 2013

happy new year

Hello, hello! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. We're only 10 days in and i'm happy to say that 2013 has already gotten off to a good start here. There is something exhilarating about starting fresh and standing with your toes curled around the edge of a brand new year ready to push off and dive in with all your heart and soul. Do you get that feeling too? For me, part of life's adventure involves welcoming and accepting the uncertainty of how the year's events will unfold — and living with the awareness that each day is truly, truly a gift. Another part is a big bundle of pure excitement about all the things you set out to do intentionally with a determination that's guided by your dreams, ambitions and hopes. So let's dive off and go for it!

One of my favorite blogs is called the improvised life, ideas that inspire. If you are looking for a little lift to your spirits, you may find something there...i always seem to, and just when i need it. It's kind of like a candy store of zany links, beautiful images, food for thought, and lots of eclectic gems. One of the recent entries included this poster by Singapore design firm, Pupilpeople. I loved it so much, and thought you might enjoy taking its messages into your life too.
© Pupilpeople
I also love Leo Babauta's blog, zenhabits, and found some tidbits in this post that resonated with me —especially at the onset of this new year. But don't stop there...there's a whole archive of wonderful topics to poke around in if you'd like.

This weekend, we are so excited to be heading off to Atlanta to attend the Gift Show and to meet with some collaborators about new products and projects. We'll also be visiting with some wonderful and hugely talented people outside the show including:

Cathy, Lisa, Lawrence, Melissa, and the talented team at International Greetings USA
Aubrey and Ellen at Southern Fabric
Deborah at Whipstitch Fabrics 

After Atlanta, we’ll be road-tripping it southwest to Gee’s Bend, Alabama – famous for the stunning quilts that 5 generations of artisans have created and continue to create there. Photographs in the Gee’s Bend quilt catalog at Auburn University begin to tell the story. A moving article by Amei Wallach in the October 2006 Smithsonian magazine provides essential context and history – and some beautiful photos. We are so deeply grateful to Mary Ann Pettway and members of the Gee’s Bend Quilting Cooperative for letting us stop by for a visit.

After Gee’s Bend, we’ll continue on to Louisiana to visit with the wonderful Janet and Jennifer at Lola Pink Fabrics, Christine at Sew This, and Pearl at Bright Hopes. Can't wait!!

And, other exciting news...Honey Honey yardage should be shipping any. minute. now!
**Newsflash: I just hit "publish" on this post and then found out that Honey Honey yardage has indeed SHIPPED! It's already landed at Fat Quarter Shop! Woot!)
There have been some sweet (pun intended) projects on the Moda Bake Shop recently that you might like to have a peek  at. Check out the lovely "Prairie Traditions Quilt" by Karen Ackva or the adorable "Sleepy Jean Crib Quilt" by Dawn Stewart. You can also download a free quilt pattern i designed for Moda, called Apiary, or purchase a printed hard-copy of it from Fat Quarter Shop when it's available.
**Another newsflash: I almost forgot my favorite Jaybird Quilts! Julie has a very cool hexy quilt pattern called Science Fair that you also might want to try your hand at making.**

To celebrate a new year and a new fabric collection, we'll be doing a giveaway! Be sure you’re signed up for my newsletter and you’ll be automatically entered to win some Honey Honey. We will randomly select a reader in the next 2 weeks and announce the winner in our next newsletter.

Here's hoping for good health, much happiness (lots of fabric) and a year filled with new adventures for all of us! Off to start packing..


  1. Your new fabric line looks gorgeous. Hope you have a safe trip!

  2. Love, love, LOVE this post! Life is such a gift; we've so much to be grateful for. :)

  3. Oh happy day! I've been eagerly awaiting Honey Honey!!!!

    Lucky you, getting to go to Gee's Bend! I envy you, and someday I hope to make that trip. Thanks for the links. Have fun in Louisiana, too (the state I grew up in).

    Also glad to know someone else who taps into the resources at zenhabits, one of my favorite blogs.

    Safe travels!

  4. Thought you might like to see the custom photo quilt I created using an early release precut of Honey Honey. (If the link doesn't work, I'll try to send you a photo!)


    Loved working with the collection and can't wait to make something else with it!

    1. your quilt is adorable! what a fun idea to incorporate photos like that. great job! i'm so happy to hear you enjoyed working with Honey Honey. Thanks for sharing and happy new year!

  5. Happy New Year! Honey Honey is beautiful! I just bought Cuzco with my Christmas money. Cuzco has all of my happy colors in it :) One guess who that quilt will be for!

  6. Awesome fabrics.Life is a gift and I try to be happy !!

  7. What a wonderful trip. Hope we get to see some of the hightlights.

  8. Kate, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful newsletter. The honey , honey fabric is beautiful. I loved the pupilpeople poster- I so needed these inspiring lines.
    Your trip sounds fantastic-enjoy. Thanks from Mary.

  9. Your honey honey fabrics are beautiful and the pattern is so cute. deanie dot dreams at gmail dot com

  10. Thanks for sharing some new blogs, can't wait to check them out. Love the new fabric line!

  11. I can't wait for Honey Honey to arrive at my LQS!!!

  12. I adore that fabric,it is so fresh and vibrant. Happy New Year to you too, I hope it is full of lots of joy and peace in your heart! Have a safe and wonderful trip, it sounds like a wonderful time. I use to love going to the Atlanta gift show!

  13. Such a wonderful post, Kate! Thanks so much for the links to the blogs, too!

    Have a wonderful "road trip!"

  14. The fabric is wonderful!!! Absolutely perfect to welcome Spring.

    Can't wait to finally meet you Tuesday over lunch. Travel safely through this weird weather we have been having. See you soon!

    Chris, Bright Hopes ¸.·'´°✿

  15. Another beautiful line! Congratulations. Have a wonderful trip--and here's a glass raised to 2013 and all its promise :)

    I signed up for your newsletter a long time ago but am not sure I am getting it since it has been a long time since one appeared. I'll sign up again. Thanks for the chance to win some of your wonderful fabric.

  16. I love Honey Honey and the pattern you designed is so cute with this fabric! congrats.

  17. Did I hear your name mentioned during the inauguration?? When they were naming the designers of the kids outfits I could have sworn one of the names was yours!


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