September 1, 2012

Oh Sew Sweet Blog Hop

September is National Sewing Month and Moda is kicking it off with a fun designer blog hop. If you're a fabric addict, you might want to mark your calendar for this — there will be lots of fabric given away. For 10 days, you can hop all over the globe to visit the hometown of many Moda designers. They might even reveal a bit about their new lines too, so you probably won't want to miss it.

Sept. 5

Sept. 6

Sept. 7

Sept. 8

Sept. 9

Sept. 10

Sept. 11

Sept. 12

Sept. 13

Sept. 14


  1. I'm excited! Thank you for the reminder!

  2. So funny to me that you and Deb Strain are on the same day. When I first got back into quilting after my kids grew up, I couldn't keep Kate Spain and Deb Strain straight!

  3. Where I live is the best of both worlds. A whole lot of country and an hour drive I can be at my favorite boutique, pro sport games, a play or concert or a five star restaurant. I watch deer graze under the apple trees while at home and have a whole lot of peace and quiet.

  4. I live in the gorgeous mountains outside of Cardwell, Montana! The best part of where we live is the peacefulness, but I also really enjoy watching the neighborhood bears, deer, elk and wild turkeys. They are so amazing!

  5. I live in The Hague, Holland. The best thing for me to live in this country is that it is very small, so it does not take long to go to England, France, Italy or Spain(!), to enjoy the wonderful monuments of the culture of these countries and the beauty of their nature.
    The best thing about living in the Hague is that this is a very international city. We have an international school, a French and an English school, most of the embassies are located here and there is the International Court of Justice. The Hague was founded in the 13th century on grounds that had already been inhabited for at least 3 centuries. Quite a few historical buildings have been preserved and in the inner city there are lovely narrow streets with 17th and 18th century houses.
    The best thing because of this international character is the presence of a huge variety of restaurants offering all the cuisines you can possibly think of.

  6. I live in rural America namely Wyoming. Name one thing I like...can't narrow it down to one thing! How about space, blue skies and space. I do like Cuzco...such a fun fabric and great giveaway.

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! I live in Holly Springs, North Carolina. It's a pretty little town that's growing every day. I love that we see lots of deer at night and how peaceful it is. The sunsets are beautiful too.

  8. Thanks for all your beautiful fabric designs

  9. I live in Peachtree City GA. The best thing about Peachtree City is the town is completely connected by over 90 miles of recreational trails. I can walk out my door and hit the trails with my dogs and explore the entire town. Would love to win some of your fabric.

  10. Small world! My mom grew up in Fairfield, and my hometown is just a stone's throw north, Trumbull! I spent a lot of time on the Fairfield beaches as a kid, and still trek down for a Rawley dog now and then! (I know, you're a SuperDuperWeenie kind of girl, but we can still be friends, yes?)


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