July 16, 2012


Thank you all so much for your well-wishes and for sharing your moving woes and adventures with me! You really helped brighten the past few days. I mean it. And i'm especially thankful to everyone for offering your "help" in giving this fabric a home! I knew i could count on you *wink*. Maggie, Kasey and Denise, if you could please email me your mailing addresses (kate(at)katespain(dot)com), i'll send your packages off!
Otherwise, we're almost done packing (as in sitting on top of the boxes and taping the bulging cardboard shut). The movers come tomorrow morning so we're down to those last few odd items that have somehow ended up in one box together; laundry detergent, hair elastics, lamps, socks, chapstick, and screwdrivers. So much for being organized! The last thing i need to pack is my computer.

So this is it. Our last night here. Yes, i'm a little sad about it. Funny thing, though...it echoes just as it did on the day we moved in — which seems like yesterday.
(unplugging for now...be back soon!)


  1. This military wife knows all to well about moving! See you when you get back!

    Happy Unpacking (twice) :0)

  2. Welcome to your new home. Hope the unpacking goes smoothly so you find what you want when you want it.

    Oh-Congratulations to the Cuzco winners.

  3. Welcome to your new home.Happy unpacking!!

  4. Eeek! I can't believe I missed a giveaway for Cuzco!! But good luck with the move, hopefully everything arrives in the way it's intended!

  5. Moving is always bittersweet. Getting the kitties set up first is smart! The last time I moved, my dog refused to come in the house. She was quite content in the front yard while I carted boxes & furniture in, but I had to practically drag her into the house itself. Same thing for a couple days - I guess she was not happy with me. I'm moving again next month, so I'm in the packing phase now. We'll see how she likes the new house! Hope your transport & unpacking goes smoothly.


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