April 20, 2012

Furry Friday

Earlier this week, i was cleaning up a bit and noticed that (one of) Franny and Lou's kitty beds needed a wash. So i plunked the bed by the kitchen door and went down to the basement to toss the fabric liner in the laundry. Didn't take long before "someone" discovered their bed in a new spot, and i tiptoed to my camera to snap these:
The bed looks terribly uncomfortable, but they love it — no matter where it is! In case you're wondering, the bed is called the Kitt-In Box™ (get it?) and i bought it on the Refined Feline website. Some pretty silly pictures on there that show how this box is "supposed" to be used.

On another topic, out in the garden two of my favorite daffodils are in full bloom. This one is called Pink Charm:
And this one is called Stainless:
I bought both varieties from Brent and Becky's Bulbs, and if you're looking for some unique spring and fall blooming bulbs, i highly recommend them!

It makes sense that i'm showing you these on Furry Friday because we planted Stainless several years ago in memory of our beloved cat Mitzy, who had the purest white fur under her chin and on all four paws. Every spring when these bulbs come up, we're reminded of all the beautiful seasons we had with her and how, even in her absence, our love is ever-blooming.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I just love to put my fingers in that cuddly soft fur when my cat Toby is sleeping. I like the Pink Charm daffodil. I will check to see if they have a website so I can get one. Have a great weekend.

  2. I think cats are so funny and they find the cosiest places to sleep. Your little cat looks so happy curled in its box :) Lovely daffs! Maggie xx

  3. Ah, that's so cute! My cats look just like that when they're in their beds... until I open the ironing board, and then that's where they want to be. Thanks for the link to the Refined Feline site!

  4. I think it is so cute that the cat searched for the bed and used it even if it wasn't going to be the most comfortable! We all like our own, special bed!!! Gorgeous flowers!!!

  5. I love this! I do not have a cat at this time, but I have a dog that thinks she's a cat so I can appreciate the charm. Love the daffs too!

  6. I had to laugh that your cats have their own beds. You know, my cats just use all the beds in house (total of 5) as their sleeping beds:-) Love your kitty in the box!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Hildy


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