April 18, 2012

Crate Plates on Sale

Look what just sprouted! It's a springie sale at Crate that includes my Chase plate designs! What a fun lunchtime surprise.
photos © Crate and Barrel
Also, while we're on the topic of "greens"... i was just out in our garden poking around and noticed that our lettuce and spinach has finally come up!
Someday Salad
Happy Day.


  1. My mom and I were just ooohing and ahhing over those plates the last time we were there!

  2. Love your plate design!
    Growing things is so much like watching "magic", isn't it? AND we get to eat it!!

  3. Is there anything you dont do? I've even managed to "kill" a silk plant. It was too close to the toaster, and the plastic stem melted onto it...........

  4. Nice plates! And you finally have baby lettuce!!!

  5. Yum, I love fresh spinach!! Your plates are great too, love them!

  6. Yay!! you're a Cover Girl! ;p

  7. So exciting!!! But...umm... are you forgetting something? It's Friday, you know... :)

  8. that is nice I didn't realize your patterns were on dishes too - I just made some bags from you fandango line and love that fabric.

  9. You know, I saw those when I was at C&B last week and I thought "those look like Kate Spain. I wonder if they are"
    Do I have a good eye or what?


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