January 18, 2012

Happy News Will Come To You

I am so excited to share that Good Fortune should be landing on the shelves any day now! If you can't wait...you don't have to! It's already available at Fat Quarter Shop (shameless, i know).

Julie from Cosmo Cricket was so thoughtful to send me this adorable tutorial link she found for making fabric fortune cookies. It's from Staci's crafty blog, and i thought it was so cute. A couple days later, Martha's eNewsletter came in and lo' and behold...another tutorial for making felt fortune cookies for Valentine's Day! Isn't that a great idea? Love it. I read through both tutorials and realized i didn't have felt, floral wire, or glue on-hand — which was pretty much everything you'd need — so with a little resourcefulness, i came up with a hybrid version. This project literally takes about 10 minutes to make.

For materials:
• Two 4" circles of any fabric print (i used...no surprise...Good Fortune)
• One 4" circle of double-sided fusible interfacing (i used Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Heavy®)
• Garbage bag twistie ties
1. Iron Heat'n Bond to wrong side of one fabric circle #1
2. Fold circle #2 in half, then open it back up and place it on work surface with wrong side facing up.
3. Place one twistie tie across the centerline of fabric circle #2 using the folded line as a guide.
4. Peel off paper backing of Heat'n Bond from circle #1 and iron circle #1 to circle #2 (the twistie tie will be sandwiched between the layers).
5. While still somewhat hot (you might need gloves), determine which fabric you would like to appear on the outside of your fortune cookie and fold in half so that fabric is on the outside. Then fold the sides together to form a fortune cookie shape (step 3 of Martha's instructions has a good diagram, and Staci has some good pictures that show this step as well). Here's what it looks like on the underside:
6. Staci pins hers to let it cool, i just held the points together and fanned the cookie in the air for a couple minutes.
7. Write a fortune on a piece of paper, slip it into the cookie and that's it. Need fortune ideas? Here's a fun place to start.

Happy New Year (of the Dragon)!
I hope it's filled with Good Fortune — of all kinds.


  1. What an adorable little project!! Love it!!

  2. Darling idea! Looks like even I could do this one. ~ Sarah

  3. I am totally going to make these. How cute!

  4. I'm impressed, garbage ties, how smart. Cute and fun. Thanks.

  5. Love it, and your fabric is awesome. I love this new line! I already made a bunch of notebook covers out of it. Thanks for everything you do for us!

  6. I love your new line, and I am already planning what to do with it. I finished a quilt with your Terrain! If you would like to see it, it is over on my blog:
    www.modernquiltguild.blogspot.com - shameless, I know!!
    Be well,


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