October 12, 2011

Wowie Wednesday

Some people have "Wordless Wednesdays", but i can't keep quiet about these! So excuse me for a minute while i climb up onto the rooftop and do a little shouting about some amazing Terrain projects that have recently popped up...

Shawn of Dolls from the Loft made this beautiful pinwheel razzle dazzler from only two Terrain charm packs. Two!

And Cindy of Hyacinth Quilt Designs made this color
ka-powie wower: 

This one is from Emma in Australia who blogs over at Sampaguita Quilts. She made this beauty from a bag of Terrain scraps i sent to her. Yes, scraps!

The ever-so-talented Chris of AnA Quilting made this knockout. Her blog is fairly new, so why not pop over and wish her a warm welcome to bloggieland! Chris also has quite a lovely photostream over on flickr if you'd like to have a peek (like i did!).   

Lee of Freshly Pieced made this gorgeous quilt called Cross Terrain that is offered as a free tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop
(lucky us!):

Michelle of Island Life Quilts made this cute and colorful hexie using a Schnibble pattern called Honeycomb:

And i am definitely going to keep my eye on Sara over at My Sewing Room who is participating in the  Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along. If this is how beautiful Sara's first star is, i can't wait to see the rest!

If you're looking for something to make with Terrain, there are lots of patterns out there! A couple of my favorites are this one from Carrie, the Schnibble Queen:
You can purchase it here or here

And Summer Lovin' (or Taffy...i couldn't decide which i love more) by Julie of Jaybird Quilts:
You can purchase this as a kit here or as a pattern from
a bunch of places listed on julie's blog
And you are welcome to download my Stepping Stones free project sheet here or here

If you happen to make anything using Terrain, please don't forget to knock our socks off by posting a photo in my Terrain flickr group. Can't wait to see!

Oh, woah...getting up on the rooftop is a lot easier than getting down (and back to work).


  1. Wow! These are great! I love Terrain! The colors are so vibrant! The pinwheel razzle dazzler from Dolls from the loft is my favorite!

  2. These are great quilts! It makes me want to make them all!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm still waiting for Terrain to arrive :-)

  4. Thanks so much Kate for showing a picture of my quilt on your blog. How exciting!! My blog address is www.anaquilting.blogspot.com. It's very new.

  5. Clever people to produce such beautiful looking work. Great to see the lovely Terrain taking flight and gaining altitude nicely. It certainly is a lovely sight!

  6. there is so much talent in these pictures, it is unbelievable and absolutely stunning! well done and with such great fabric, I am not surprised such beautiful things were created :)

  7. Terrain is so gorgeous! Thanks for featuring my quilt - and for designing such beautiful fabric to play with!

  8. Terrain is an amazingly vibrant and versatile collection--sort of like that favorite cardigan you can pair with jeans or pearls depending on where dinner reservations are.
    There are so many truly amazing quilters out there--what a wonderful compliment that they chose your fabric design to work their magic!

  9. It must be so exciting to see your fabric being used - but you'd better get used to it - because it's all wonderful fabric!!!!

  10. I think this is my favorite line! It just makes me smile. My Mom helped me make Stepping Stones for an upcoming quilt show and now she wants one, her friends want one, ... thanks!

  11. LOVE the star from My Sewing Room! How'd she get those tiny pieces to line up so straight?

  12. How exciting to see a picture of my quilt here! Wow!! Thanks Kate :-) It made my week! Terrain is such a fun, bright line. I chose to use it in Honeycomb because I couldn't bear to cut the fabrics into really small pieces. I wanted to see fairly large blocks of the same fabrics and this pattern really fit.

  13. each one is more gorgeous than the last - these ladies should be so proud of those and you should too, Terrain is just stunning!

  14. Thanks for featuring my quilt! Terrain was such a fun line to work with, and it really pops in all of these quilts.

  15. I love all your fabrics...I really, really, really love Terrain!! Thanks for making such Beautiful fabrics!!

  16. How exciting to see that snippet of my quilt there! Just yesterday I posted it off to Australian Patchwork & Quilting, who are incuding it as a project early next year. I called it Stepping Stones, and have just realised you have a Terrain quilt by the same name, so I'm going to try and think of a different name for the magazine to use!


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