August 12, 2011

Flurry, Furry Zucchini Saturday

First up, Flurry..

Didn't have a chance to post Furry Friday y'day, but it worked out because now there is another giveaway you can enter! Ryan Walsh (aka: I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts) was so kind and invited me to have a chat about my newest holiday fabric collection, Flurry. You can read it on his blog. He is also giving away three charm packs of Flurry that you could win — if you enter that is —so don't forget to hop on over. Thank you, Ryan! It's always fun to catch up with you.

Next up, Furry..

Franny and Lou have discovered water! It's like turning on the television for these two. They sit and watch water droplets slide down the side of the tub and stare into the drain when they disappear.
Too cute!
They're getting so big! And one more...

Last up, Zucchini...

Pete made a bunch of these delectable zucchini muffins (cupcakes, really) and of course since there's a vegetable in there, they have to be good for you, right?
Here is a link to the recipe incase you'd like to try them out (you won't be sorry). For our oven, he adjusted the temperature to 325 degrees and cooked them for 25 minutes instead of the recommended settings. Yum!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start. And don't forget, if you haven't entered the AccuQuilt GO!baby fabric cutter giveaway in my last post, there's time! Franny and Lou won't be picking a winner until Monday. And i have to say i am learning so much from everyone about all kinds of different quilt blocks i've never even heard of! Thanks for the educational fun and good luck!


  1. Franny and Lou are so cute! Kittens at that age are so entertaining! I had two siamese cats, both acquired at about 6 weeks old, and they lived to be 17 and 18 years old. They were wonderful companions.

    That cupcake looks so delicious! All I do with my garden zucchini is bake it into zucchini bread...can't stand eating it cooked...ick!

    I enjoyed your interview with Ryan and love your new fabric lines!


  2. My cat Saffy gets right up in the sink - prefers water straight from the tap! Love those darling pink pads on your cat's paw! So gorgeous!

  3. Congrats on your kittys. I really enjoyed the interview that you gave "I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts".
    Flurry fabric is a hit.

  4. Brother and sister cats are always so much more fun than just 2 other cats, because they have that bond with each other. I am going to buy me some zucchini now.

  5. I entered Ryan's giveaway earlier today and loved the interview! It was so nice to learn that Flurry was inspired by Norway (where I lived for 3 yrs!) Also your cats look very much like my Tijger. I brought her home last week from the animal shelter! (pic on my blog if you want to check) :)

  6. I love Franny and Lou..vicarious kitty love! Thank you!

  7. My cat likes water from the tub too, but only to drink. Refuses to drink water from a bowl... silly kitties ;)

  8. Your Cats are so cute (I think I've mentioned that before;-). My two are seven years now and they still love to play with water. And thank you for the interview.

  9. Thanks for the furry, I'm enjoying watching those two grow. They've already gotten so much bigger. And of course thanks for the flurry, I can't wait to get my hands on some.

  10. I Love your blog , is pretty

  11. Thanks again for talking with me about Flurry Kate! The cupcake recipe looks wonderful and the Franny and Lou photos are adorable.

  12. These are going to be on my list 'to bake' (o:
    Such playful and exploring kitties (o:

  13. Just made the muffins (no nuts, no frosting) for breakfast -- a huge hit with my kids! (though, can't really go wrong with chocolate for breakfast, right?...) Thanks for the link, they're sure to be made many times.


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