July 26, 2011

Back From France

Did you think i meant me? I wish!

But if i close my eyes and squeeze them tightly shut, i can conjure a short slideshow tour of Paris on the back side of my eyelids. A panoramic view of the city from atop the Eiffel Tower comes into focus with its spoke-like streets radiating from the Arc de Triomphe at the hub of the Champs-Élysée. The winding Seine splits around the Ile de la Cité where the Cathedral of Notre Dame's flying buttresses anchor it to its small island. Then flashes of Titian, Monet's bright orange poppy field and Leonardo's great works come into view. Inhale and i can smell the sweet buttery aromas of fruity pastries and fresh-baked breads...

...but then...i open my eyes and *poof* i'm back in our little kitchen with this book in-hand:
covered in flour and trying to re-create the crusty, chewy baguette here at home. Le sighhh...

Meanwhile outside the dream bubble, my quilt and pillow just returned from France yesterday! As in the real France, and on a real airplane. I've been living vicariously through them since they left last November right after Quilt Market. But they brought back a souvenir of their trip that i'd like to share with you!
If you were at Quilt Market, you might remember seeing that quilt on the...cover!? (total surprise*faint*) hanging in my booth:
It's called "Great Lawn" and i loosely based the narrative design on the landscape of Central Park with its surrounding city skyline, tree-lined cobblestone paths, bricks and gardens. I pieced it and quilted it myself, which was probably why i missed it so much while it was away.
Some people had asked me if it was going to be a pattern and i'm so happy to say that it is now! You can find it in the Special Summer Issue of the amazing Quiltmania magazine, available online here. Also in that same issue (again, *faint*) is my "Bouquet" pillow from the Moda pillow talk:
You may have read about it here, and now you can make your own! To personalize it, you can put something unique to you under the peek-a-boo door (you don't have to put Hello Kitty under there). There are 11 other fun summer-themed sewing projects you might also enjoy in the issue. Quiltmania is such a treat to look through and the sewing instructions are very clearly written with lots of diagrams so it's perfect for a beginner or experienced sewist.

This is a first for me...having a quilt i designed in a magazine. I sure didn't expect it and up until yesterday when i finally held the issue in my hands, i had doubts that it was really going to happen. But here it is, and even so i still can't believe it! I'm thrilled and honored to be included in such a wonderful publication.

My friend Sherri will be sharing some fun news about her gorgeous "Carousel" quilt too:
It may have a little jet lag right now, but i'm sure you'll hear about it very soon!

P.S: Thought i'd also share with you another interesting and perhaps lesser-known stop on the tour of Paris (we have only been there once, but dream of returning someday). In the square in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame is a brass compass star set into the ground. It's called "Point Zero" and as the French tour guide told us, it marks the alleged birthplace and official center of the city of Paris. She described it to us as "not only the heart of Paris, but the heart of all of France" because it is from this point that all distances of roads and highways are measured throughout the country and to other major cities in Europe. She added that some people think it's good luck to rub the star with your foot and make a wish. I would say lots of people think that, because it was shining as though someone had polished it that very day!

P.S.S: As a random act of quiltie-ness, Melanie over at Above All Fabric is helping me give away a charm pack of Flurry! Not sure when she'll pick a winner, so you may want to head over and leave a comment on her blog. I'll be sending the prize out to the winner :)


  1. Congrats Kate! On the cover!!! Did you know before the magazine arrived that they were both on the cover? It's just beautiful! Thanks so much for creating such beautiful fabrics and designs!

  2. Congratulations on the cover art! Beautiful quilt and pillow.

  3. Congratulations. There's nothing quite like the suprise of seeing your quilt on a magazine cover - and it must be even better when it's from your own fabric! Great Lawn is fabulous.

  4. Congrats! I was on the quiltmania site a week ago to treat myself to a book, and saw that cover and thought 'Hey, that's the Kate Spain quilt and pillow I saw on her blog and really liked!'. So I ordered that issue too. :-)

  5. Kate
    That is so wonderful. It does seem lime forever ago.

    Congrats and many more projects to come in your future.

  6. What!! You have been to France and didn't stop to say hi!!!! I would have waved to you as you flew over LOL. So many people seem to be coming to France for their holidays this year. Glad you had a good time in my adopted country. Hugs Linda

  7. Such a beautiful quilt and pillow! I'll hope I can get my hands on a magazine (this is always a little bit hard here in germany).
    Hey, if your in France next time swip over the border to germany you'll love it (I hope;-)

  8. Congratulations on being a "Cover Girl"....you can add that to your increasingly long list of accomplishments. Have you seen "Midnight in Paris"???? If you haven't, you should!

  9. I must have been sleeping under a rock because I didn't see that gorgeous quilt in your booth, (via the internet, I wasn't there in person).

    Can I just tell you how excited I am to be able to purchase the patterns for both! That pillow is going to make great birthday presents don't you think. Imagine all the fun things you could put under the door, including actual charms for a bracelet and other such novelties.

    Thanks so much for sharing! Au Revoir!

  10. Yeah, yeah & more yeah! I can't wait. I've been saving some CP for this and Terrain. Ooo la la!

  11. How special, to have your projects in Quiltmania! I will go search for the magazines. Love Great Lawn and the thought that you were inspired by Central Park. I LOVE New York!
    Hope your dream to France comes true one day!

  12. Yay, Kate!! How awesome! I'll join you in that Paris dream bubble anyday... le sighhhh...LOL!

  13. Congrats, how exciting! And thanks for the Paris memories... I have been a number of times and would love to go back too! :)

  14. I was able to get hold of the Quiltmania summer edition! I'm very happy with it (o:

  15. Kate,omg. please help. I purchased the magazine and am trying to find all of the fabric but I am soooo confused on the cutting instructions and amounts of fabric I need. This is all metric and I found a converter but the cutting instructions don't match the layout instructions that show placement. Can someone send the instructions in inches?

  16. can you tell me if you have a retailer in France please? I have an order for 8-10 yards of Good Fortune fabric, and the postage rates from the States are just OTT ! Help !

  17. to contact me : Laura


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