May 13, 2011

Show Time!

We're soo excited to be heading off to NY for Surtex for the next 4 days! Everything was packed up and ready to go this morning, and despite it being Friday the 13th and all, we had a relatively painless set up today. Still lots to do, and i might not have time to blog until we get back home next week. So, while we're away, you can try to imagine what's in all these boxes and how on earth we crammed all this stuff into an 8' x 10' space!
Here's a "before" shot just after we unloaded everything — and before my afternoon hair cut!
As you can see...we have lots of work to do!
While we're away, if you're looking for some good reads, not sure if you saw the latest issue of Delish magazine online? Please check it out if you have a chance! There are some great articles and i was so fortunate to have been featured in their "Woman of the Cloth" article. That's fabric, not clergy :)
See you again...soon!


  1. Loved the article in Delish and your beautiful picture. Can't wait to see what is in all those boxes. We missed you today at market. So many people recognized Sarah as being Kate's friend. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Good luck in NYC.

  2. Hi Kate, have a fabulous time whilst you are away. Loved reading the article in the Delish magazine, whats a lovely mag.
    Looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you are back.

  3. Great article. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Hope you're having a wonderful time at Surtex...can't wait to see your booth! Market was wonderful...

  5. OK seriously LOL'ing here. I made a bag almost identical to the one in the 1st picture with the same outer fabric! I used Seneca for the lining both in orange.

    Karen D.

  6. Oh my! Wonderful, colorful article. They packed as much color and Kate into those pages as you pack into your fabric collections :) Loved it!
    By now the Surtex is past, hope it was wonderful for you!

  7. Hope that Surtex went well for you. Looking forward to final booth (and haircut) photos.


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