January 31, 2011

Color-Full Day Ahead

Rise and Shine! So much going on today...

By the time you read this, i'll already have hopped the train to NYC for a color seminar given by the IFDA at the NYIGF. I go every year to keep on top of all the new trends in color and materials that we'll see in the home furnishings and accessories markets for 2012. I'm really excited because Crystal Gentilello, Editor-in-Chief of Rue Magazine, will be speaking. If you haven't checked out Rue, you might want to. It's packed with quite a color-splash of fresh, stylish and creative ideas for decorating your home.

I'm also kind of afraid because Doty Horn from Benjamin Moore paints will be speaking too, and every time i hear her, i just want to race to the paint store and get the tarps and rollers out! You see, i suffer from a rampant form of color-ADD. You can ask Pete. Or maybe you have it too? There was a stretch where each time Pete went away for a business trip, i'd re-paint our dining room. Or kitchen. Or living room. It hasn't happened for a few months though, because i finally settled on some colors i really love (at least for now). I love the names too. Our living room has three walls that are Big Bend Beige and one that is Mt. Rushmore Rock:
My studio workspace is Palladian Blue (also Benjamin Moore):
And our dining room is Ginger Ale (Glidden):
Let's see if they stay these colors after today!

The second part of today's happenings is that the wonderfully talented Karrie Lyn of Freckled Whimsy has designed a beautiful quilt using Central Park that is being featured on the Moda Bake Shop! Look at this beauty:
It's called "Geese in the Park" and you can download the all-original (and free!) recipe on the Moda Bake Shop. Karrie sent this little blurb about her inspiration for the design:

"This quilt was inspired from the fabric, Central Park, or in a more general sense, the outdoors. Where I'm from, in the fall, we have geese everywhere – and I mean everywhere! When I saw this line, I knew I had to make a quilt with it. One day I was walking to my car, trying to avoid these said geese, and I had an idea! I started making flying geese blocks and just playing around with them and this quilt is what came out of that. I truly love the line of fabric and I think the flying geese block was perfect to go with it. Thanks, Kate, for such beautiful fabric. I truly enjoyed working with it!"

Karrie, thank YOU for bringing your talents, time and efforts to this unique and beautiful project! I love it! Also, Leah at Burgundy Buttons has done it again and packaged this up as a kit—just for you. Here's a picture of the box:
And here's the little 4" x 4" fabric quilt label i designed--that will also be included in the box:
Finally, the grand-finale of the day is that the inimitable Pat Sloan has invited me to chat with her on her fabulous (and LIVE) Creative Talk Radio show!! Pinch me, pinch me (and then toss some water on me after i pass out, ok?)!!
I just adore Pat and am a frequent listener of her show, so it's an honor to have the chance to share some time with her! If you're around, come listen in or join the live chat (Pat will tell you how). The fun begins today, yes TODAY, Jan, 31st at 4pm EST. Oh and there's a giveaway that you won't want to miss out on! More details to come...(after i regain consciousness, that is. I mean did i mention this show is LIVE? aka: not pre-recorded, aka: unedited aka: potentially blooper-full) Should be fun!


  1. i get the itch to repaint walls aaaaaaaaaall the time, too! i love love love color! :D

  2. Wow, what a huge day for you, Congrats!!

  3. Don't worry.. if you blooper we will just giggle with you and know you are human like the rest of us.. we won't be laughing at you. Pat is wonderful at just chatting with the gals(or guys. She sounds ever so fun. Can't wait to hear the show.

  4. Awwww I love KarrieLyne... that is one busy girl :) Love the label. Love the fabric. Love Pat...what a day!

  5. What a great day! Love the quilt too... It's fun seeing all the great projects getting made with central park!

  6. Kate, you are too cute!! Can't wait for your show!! :)

  7. Such a fun post...I just flipped through the pages of Rue on-line...what an inspiring magazine! Have fun today...with everything!

  8. Benjamin Moore is my favorite paint! I'm excited that Central Park will be arriving in my shop today! Such great fabric!! I'm going to try to listen to the radio show--I'm glad she does podcasts!

  9. I hope you have a fun day!!! Sounds like it is going to be awesome!

  10. You will do a wonderful job on Pat Sloan's show. Congratulations on the interview - and envy on the trip to learn other views about new color trends.

  11. I love pretty yellows and have troubles finding them. But looking at all the moda designer colors I think maybe its more of the local stores don't get many yellows in. Iam enjoying pillow talk and getting to know the designers


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