November 29, 2010


Over the past year, i've had the great pleasure of working with Andrew's McMeel Publishing on many of their Pocket Posh® puzzle books and a few fun calendars. I absolutely love how they've turned out and was so happy to see many of them available at our local Borders bookstore over the weekend! The Christmas ones would sure make some cutie little stocking stuffers — but i have to warn you...get your gatorade out and your sweatbands on and prepare for some brain exercise. Whew! Below are some direct links to specific designs shown in the photos, but you can also find these and many other Pocket Posh® products at these online retailers:
The Container Store
Barnes and Noble

Something tells me you might just recognize a few of the patterns too? Maybe? :)
Brain Games 2 (not pictured)
Aster monthly/weekly planning calendar or monthly calendar
Circles and Squiggles monthly/weekly planning calendar or monthly calendar
Sudoku day-to-day calendar (not pictured)

Hey, speaking of Sudoku, have you heard about the Central Park Sudoku Quilt Kit?? Nono, i'm not kidding! Look:
Moda has done it again. A quilt puzzle! How do they think this stuff up? They must do lots of brain exercises. So why not head over to the Fat Quarter Shop and sign up to receive notification when this is available. I think it should be some time in January, but don't hold me to it. I need to go do some memory exercises :)


  1. Ooh, those look like fun, and of course the designs are beautiful. I actually have Fandango jelly roll strips on my lap right now that I'm working with so I definitely recognize that print on the codewords one and it looks like 12 days of Christmas on the top.☺ I'm a sucker for Sudoku so I'll have to check those out:-)

  2. gorgeous art... I need the calendars! :)

  3. So stinking cute! I hope that one wordy one will make its way into your giveaway list...and that I will win it... :)

  4. I saw those at Borders in Iowa this last weekend. I almost bought one...I thought, that looks just like Kate Spain. Then I thought I was hallucinating from the turkey! LOL glad it really was your design :)

  5. I love the planning calendar and probably should get one as my "brain exercises" are lacking and if it isn't written down it slips:)

  6. These are fantastic! I swear I saw these at Target recently, so I'm going to have to go back to double-check. I definitely have to pick up a few of these for stocking stuffer gifts. Very fun designs and colors!

  7. Ohhh those look like fun! Im gonna have to run out and pick a few up!

  8. I love the idea of the Botanical Weekly/Monthly calendar. I need a new one for 2011. Is there a picture anywhere of what the inside of them look like?

  9. Attempted to comment 4 times last night and blogspot was uncooperative. These are nice looking yet alas we have no Target nearby. The closest big store is a Wal-Mart in the next county about 25 miles away. My curiousity is high about the next awesome product you are hinting is "coming soon".

  10. Yes, I recognize some of those patterns! I love them all! I'll be on the hunt for those calendars when I do my shopping this weekend!


  12. Hi Kate! Tina in Boston (aka CrimsonBruin) here! We met at Fabric 2.0 and I stopped by your booth at Market, too, to tell you about the Sudoku fabric kit. I got mine at Sample Spree -- hooray! Love the holiday page!


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