September 14, 2010

On the Road Again (aka: Road Trip, Part Two)

Seems like i detoured from the Road Trip theme, and never got back on the highway! (You're used to that from me by now, right?) Ok, so put the
pedal-to-the-metal and you can speed through some pics from the rest of our adventure to Cleveland, Toledo, and a pit stop in Ann Arbor. No words other than captions...and when you get to the ones of the peaches...i just want you to know they were the sweetest, juiciest peaches we've ever eaten. But before we get there, here is The Thinker by Rodin at the
Cleveland Museum of Art...He spends his days looking out over this beautiful park...thinking...a lot:
A building designed by Frank Gehry:When we went to pick up our rental car at the aiport, we passed
this empty spot:And thought it was a little ironic because we were headed
here the very next day:And then went to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. If you're ever in Cleveland..GO! It's so much fun, and it's right smack on Lake Erie:You might even end up on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, like we did! I only wish i'd known what they were taking our picture for, or we could've done something extra goofy. Maybe next time:Then we got in the car and headed toward Ann Arbor, MI. I love road trips because you get to see things you don't normally see around where you live. Like this:
Back in the rained, it was sunny, it rained again, and then...Just in time. Because this sign caught our eye and we had to make a
Starsky & Hutch screeching U-turn to pull into the parking lot.Not sure if you can read the words on the chalk board. It says, "Home Grown". Gets us to stop everytime. I also fall hard for "hand picked":These peaches were like holding all the summer sunshine in the palm of your hand...and then eating it:We also drove through Toledo and found the house where my great grandfather lived. My Dad enjoyed seeing this photo after so many years. He remembered the American Elm trees that used to line the street. Though they're not there anymore, he said the house hasn't changed much:When we got to Ann Arbor, we went to Zingerman's Roadhouse for lunch. Yum! Zingerman's has their own local farm, bakery and creamery so many of the ingredients used in dishes at the Roadhouse come from those places.August was a great time to be there because their heirloom tomatoes were ripe and on the menu. Who could resist? Not me!And no summer road trip would be complete without ice cream! They had quite a unique selection at Zingerman's...Ok, i think we're caught up...for the most part...
Next up...sneak peeks!


  1. What a great vacation...those peaches did look wonderful...and what fun also to be able to see your great grandfather's home!

  2. Looks like you were very close to where I live which is about 5 miles from Ann Arbor! Zingermans do have great eats!

    Now, the Jerky Outlet with the boarded up window must have been in Dundee, MI where a tornado went through earlier this summer. That poor town was a mess!

    Thanks for sharing your vacation!


  3. Looks like you all had a great trip! Those "homegrown" signs get me every time too! YUM!

  4. I am happy you had a good time in Ohio. I hope you get to come back again one day.


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