August 31, 2010

You win, I win!

Woah! Thank you all sooooo much for your fabulous collection names. It's been such fun reading about the many things that Autumn means to you. What beautiful images and sensory splendors you brought to mind. I seriously started to crave some crisp apple anything with a dollop of pumpkin spice something, followed by a sip of sweet cinnamon cider and a stroll down a breezy, twirling leaf-strewn path. You've helped to give me just the inspiration i needed to get started on some new designs! I think i may try to work these beauties in somewhere...
I {almost} love this season as much as some of you, but for me there is also just a twinge of melancholy as we watch seed pods take the place of bright colorful blooms and we pluck the last of the tomatoes from the vine. It's not quite that time yet, but we know it will be here soon.
Stop blabbing and get on with the giveaway, right? helped me pick and it looks like #276 will have quite a bundle of fun heading her way!Please note the total number of entries was adjusted so no one was entered twice and some people requested not to be entered at all, so i made sure not to count them. Ohhh wait, you don't know who #276 is? Ok then...after much counting and double-checking my counting...
Lisa lives in So Cal and though she said they don't get much of a fall there, she would name her collection, "Autumn Moon". I love it, Lisa! Please email me your mailing address and i'll send this giganormonstrous fat quarter pile out to you. Don't forget to send or post pictures of whatever you make, ok?

And can i tell you how totally thrilled and tickled i was by your overwhelming support to get me out of the house for dinner? Thanks to lucky #300:(who will be getting a little surprise in the mail), I'm now the proud owner of a "Get Out of the Kitchen Free" be redeemed very, very soon. Whoever had the brilliant idea to include dessert and a movie, i love the way you think and am definitely going to pile the "a la mode" high! Thank you all so very much for exceeding any expectations and for making this delightful treat possible. If i could take all of you out to dinner with us, i would.
p s: h a p p y s e p t e m b e r !


  1. Ok put anything sunflower, or like and I will buy!
    Ok I will buy anyway but really love the sunflowers in everything.

  2. Congrats to the winner!
    Now about those pictures...what is the flower in the third pic? It is really unique and I have never seen any thing like it!

  3. Congrats to the lucky winner! Love the sunflowers.

  4. Thank You so much! I am thrilled to have won.

  5. Cogratulations to the winners! Love your flower pictures - what is the name of the third flower? I've never seen one like it before. Have fun on your night out!

  6. Congrats to the winners! That 3rd flower certainly belongs in an up-coming design. What a super motif!

  7. Congrats to the winners...can't wait to see the fall line you're working on! Wondering if you'll have one introduced at fall market?!

  8. Ellen, Stray Stitches, and Pat...that third flower is actually the seed stage of my clematis vine called 'Mrs. Cholmondeley'. I almost like the seeds as much as the flowers! :)

  9. Total congrats to the winners! Thanks for the name of the seed pods ... saves me from asking :) I also wanted to add that you are such a joy to "visit" online. You are a virtual smile! Thanks and enjoy your date night!!

  10. I received my fabric and It is gorgeous! Thank You!!!!


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