June 3, 2010

A quick P.S.

At Surtex, lots of people asked, "So besides the plates at Crate and Barrel, where else can I find products with your designs?"

Lightbulb moment (it should've clicked on a while ago).
And so, I updated my web site to include a new "Products" section:

when you enter that section, there's a handy list with lots of the things that are out in stores now — or coming soon. You'll notice a certain someone's Mom is now carrying my kitchen textiles at Home a la Mode (thank you, Karen!). Anyway, i hope this helps.

I almost forgot! You can also sign up to be included on my mailing list where you'll be the first to know about any new products and upcoming giveaways. I have to warn you, though..the sign up button is a little wonky, but it works. Just click the subscribe button once, and then wait for the email confirmation. When the little message pops-up, please disregard the "subscribe" button below it. Hope to iron this out soon...


  1. I'm so glad you added this section to your website! So many great things I need to find!
    You are very talented!

  2. I did see your very pretty plates at Crate and Barrel over the weekend. I wanted to buy one of each color but I was feeling lousy and had the leave the store. I hope to go back this weekend and try again!

  3. I love the flicker groups and am happy to have one for your line. I have a charm pack to use and will post when I make it something. Love the line and would be over the top to win!!

  4. Please enter me in the giveaway! I would LOVE to make a new tree skirt with this fabric! The one I have is 18 years old now and VERY dated looking, and last year noticed it had mildew stains on it that did not come out :(

  5. The navigation is surreal!!!! I found lots of new products on your site..oh the places we get to go....and yes feeling a ton better. xoxoxox Jennifer


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