April 14, 2010

Patience, Rewarded

Before the beautiful flowers fade and drop, i wanted to share some pictures of several of my orchids that have been blooming since February. The flower spikes usually show up in late October/November and it takes about 4 months before the flowers will open, but once they do, you're rewarded by months of amazingly beautiful blossoms. They add inspiration to my windowsill and are a wonder-filled segue to Spring.

These two cymbidiums were given to me by my Mom. This one has huge flowers that are about five inches across:
This one is a miniature and its flowers are about a quarter of the size (but equal in beauty!):And this cymbidium was given to me by my aunt:
It's a prolific bloomer!
I bought this little Japonica for myself three years ago:It sits right here next to me every day.


  1. So pretty! Thank you for the morning inspiration!

  2. I had no idea they bloomed so much. Lovely.

  3. I wish I had your green thumb...right now I can't even keep a cactus alive. And those are pretty tough plants :(

  4. Your orchids are beautiful Kate, I would love to know if you feed them anything special to get them to bloom. Ours are looking great and green but no blooms even after 3 years... Is there a secret??


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