January 19, 2010

Computer Cover Up

Here's my computer:
I do love it, but there's nothing really "fun" about it. Look at it. It looms in the room like a black hole. Sure, it's "slick" and "techie" and "streamlined", but those aren't really words I'd use to describe my studio workspace. So, I set out to change that once and for all.

Three posts ago, I showed you that cute friendship bag that Sherri sent to me, remember?
I've been admiring Sherri's amazing skills in her incredibly straight stitches and her perfectly matched seams. She inspired me to try to make one for myself (minus the straight seams etc.). So I went to Rachel's blog and studied her tutorial. But then... *ding* the lightbulb finally went on! With a few alterations, I could solve my computer dilemma. So I got out one of my Verna honeybuns and measured, measuredagain, cut, sewed, seam-ripped, sewed again and ended up making this:
Is that fun or what?! And it actually *fit*. Unbelievable.
It's really an upside-down-Rachel-friendship-bag-with-no-handles. I used interfacing instead of batting to give it a little oomph, and cut out a rectangle on the back to fit around the back arm of the monitor. And yes, I sewed the lining in upside-down. But who cares, no one will see the back of it anyway.
If everyone had the same computer, I'd try to get some instructions together for this (if I could remember what I did!). But maybe sharing the idea itself is enough. You can take it from here!


  1. Kate~
    Look at you go girl!! Isn't it fun?? That looks awesome!! Great Job! and I do gotta get my hands on that fabric, is is so pretty!! Keep on being creative, it's really awesome

  2. Oh you have to show this to Rachel (Wait she will probably see it I am sure she follows you) she is gonna love it! SO adorable!

  3. adorable... now if i only had a desktop monitor & not a laptop... i guess i do have a desktop at work.. hmm..

  4. awesome, awesome...I LOVE it! I have a monitor that is screaming cover me...

  5. Awesome job, Kate! It is soooo cute!

  6. you are too cute for words.
    and i'm ubber proud of you.

  7. Woohoo, go Kate! It looks great, you did a fantastic job. Can't wait to see more!

  8. Hi Kate!
    You're too clever! What an ingenious idea...I filed this under "have to do it soon" list...my poor computer could use a dress, too ;o).

    p.s.: I had to smile how you came up with the idea for your {Sp}iCover ~ it's truly amazing which ways creativity takes...

  9. Good cover, Kate! That is such a neat idea, thanks for sharing!

  10. I love it! If you have some general directions and want to share I would love it. I have the same computer also:)
    Laura T

  11. THAT is terrific! Ha Ha, gorgeous!

  12. I love it! Those tulips are so perfectly applique'd too! I had so much fun last night cutting into my Verna fat quarter bundle...couldn't believe how fast it arrived from Fat Quarter Shop! I have so many favorites in the line...hopefully I'll finish cutting today so I can start sewing!

  13. Oh Kate, I'm so impressed...It does look nice on your computer...
    i'm glad we stop by last Moday, to see all your wonderful fabrics....
    Thanks for the bin,it changed our life

  14. We are Mac computer people. I love your nice big monitor. I showed your screen cover to my husband and he said I should write to you and tell you to be sure your computer is turned off before putting the cover on the monitor to avoid a fire. See, I would have never thought of that. Your cover is very cute.

  15. The quilted ironing board cover is pure genious. I love the design.

    Fish Quilt Pattern


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