December 20, 2009


At last, we woke this morning to find a beautiful blanket of fluffy snow out there! And what perfect timing with tomorrow being the first "official" day of winter and Christmas just around the corner. Though tomorrow is also the shortest day of the year (ugh, dark at 4:15pm around here), it's also the turning point toward a gradual lengthening of the light in the day. Yippee! As long as it's going to be so dark, why not turn on the tree lights a little earlier and light a few extra candles to snuggle in and enjoy it.

Speaking of "enjoying it", I love snow. Maybe you do, too. If you live someplace where is snows, you know about all the different kinds there are. Like the giant flakes that are heavy and wet that usually fall when it's barely cold enough to snow (or toward the end of a storm). There are also the teenie weenie dust-like flakes that sting for a second when they hit your cheeks in a good wind. Or the air-popped popcorn snow that swirls around in all directions that it's a wonder it ever lands on the ground at all. I've lived in the Northeast my whole life and have even come to know whether the feeling of the snow under my boots would make a better igloo than a snowball, or which kind of sled to bring to the nearest hill — flexible flyer, flying saucer, or the ol' reliable (lightening speed, out of control and totally un-steerable) rolled-up-plastic-sheet-with-no-fancy-name. Come to think of it, I don't think they make these anymore. Probably for the same reasons listed above.

No matter what kind of snow it is, I love it all. Which is why it was such a joy to wake up this morning to a good foot of it. Here are some pictures (yes, that's o
ur house with dorky ornaments put on tree by yours truly):

This morning, my husband and I took a quiet walk on the beach, we were the only ones there! (This can also read: we were the only two koo-koos willing to subject ourselves to the 10 degree air, 20 mph wind, and 2 foot snow drifts).

Unfortunately, we had to resist the temptation to go for a swim because there was no lifeguard on duty. Oh well. But there's Pete, snowbathing. heehee

Wherever you live, I'm sure there's something about this time of year that is unique to your area and that connects you to the place in a familiar way that makes it your home.
Notice it. Delight in it. Love it.


  1. I love this post! I live in an area (Upper Michigan) with lots of snow and I love it also. Some days it's pretty hard to find another soul who enjoys it. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  2. 23+ inches here... 2nd most ever in philly... and i love it! ;-)

  3. hmm..we only got a dusting in this part of Ohio..maybe a 1/2 inch if we were lucky..but I'm okay with that...more will follow as it always does.

  4. Great pics! We got about 2 feet here in DC. I love being snowed in...everything seems so peaceful. Enjoy!

  5. That looks so gorgeous :) Hmmm...the something special that is unique to my area this time of year? It gets slightly colder, but it's wonderful how our whole city celebrates it with free festivities. And if it ever snows an inch, everything shuts down.

  6. I love the wonderful pictures of the snow...we get so little real weather here that I truly enjoy those pictures people post on their blogs! And the ocean is my favorite place (and I'm not near there, either) love the beach photos as well...even in winter! Merry Christmas!

  7. Soooo beautiful! I think my husband and I should take a walk on the snowy beach here. There is a beautiful beach on the big lake where we live. I'll bet it is pretty snow and lots of sunshine!


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