November 30, 2009

Monday Miscellany

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I don't know about you, but I can't possibly eat one. more. bite. of. turkey. So let's move along to...Christmas stuff and other miscellaneous morsels!

First off, has created a new product. It's a stylish boxed stationery set with 12 custom notecards. You can choose from over 50 designs, then personalize them using a font/color of your choice. They're reasonably priced and make nice gifts for family, friends, co-workers, or you! And...three of my cards that are included in the mix use one of the patterns from Verna (top row first three cards)! Cardstore is also offering free shipping and 10% off every order. Enter discount code: WINTERSALE at checkout (you can still enter code: MERRY15 to receive 15% off your order, but for this one, you'll have to pick up the tab for shipping).

Nextly, Vickie of Spun Sugar Quilts posted a picture on her blog of a cute fabric wreath she made using Verna. I love it! She followed this Moda Bake Shop tutorial that Rachel of p.s. i quilt put together. Thanks for the post, Vickie!

Nextly nextly, umm...anyone notice anything familiar in this photo? One hint: It's red and has a scalloped edge.
Definitely an upgrade for my pincushion. And what could all those pins be doing in there? I wonder...

Lastly (for now) I've been so interested to read all of your helpful tips/pointers for the giveaway! I'll surely put them to good use and thank you so much for helping me start off on the right foot (couldn't resist a little sewing humor). What's been really great is to see that there are a bunch of other new quilters who have also been able to benefit from the many helpful tips. Nice to know we're in the same boat! So, if you haven't already left a comment here to enter the giveaway, please do. The drawing will be this Thursday and the winner will be posted on Friday. Can't wait!


  1. yayyy for verna cards!!!

    i JUST left target and they had 2 of those cake plates left.

  2. Verna cards gasp! I must look at these..
    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Aren't those cake stands wonderful...I love mine!

  4. I'm new to your blog but I have to say 3 things..
    1. I LOVE your fabrics!
    2. I really LOOOOVE your fabrics
    3. I'm soooo jealous about the cake stand. I saw it, told hubby I wanted it, didn't get it right then and they were gone..GONE! when I went back for one.

    And I can tell you this..There is not. one. any. where.
    But I still LOVE your fabrics and your pin cusion goes really well with yours :)


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