October 27, 2009

(Almost) That Time of Year

I know, I know, we haven't even turned the clocks back, or had a frost, or carved the pumpkins and I'm already posting about Christmas stuff. I just couldn't wait any longer to share these cute note cards, memo pads, gift tags and thank yous from Gina B. Designs that feature some of the art from my "Let it Snow" collection! Keep your eyes out for them at local gift shops and bookstores, and if you can't find them there, you can always get them here.
(Did the subliminal message to go make some hot cocoa make it through?)


  1. those are lovely Kate...I may just have to get some!

  2. if this is any hint at all to that one thing you were working on last week...
    i'm SO already in love.

  3. I think that the reindeer could be the start of a great quilt label.


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