July 28, 2009

"Gimme 5" Recycling Program

I don't know about you, but checking the numbers on the bottom of plastic containers has become a habit and a part of our daily recycling routine. To our dismay, our town accepts only #1s and #2s (club soda bottles/milk containers and the like). So I was happy to find the Gimme 5 recycling program that accepts and processes #5 plastics — things like yogurt cups, cottage cheese containers and even Brita® water filters. Preserve, the company that co-sponsors Gimme 5 along with Stonyfield Yogurt and Organic Valley, takes the plastics you return and makes them into toothbrushes, razor handles and cutting boards!

Right now, the drop-off locations are at select Whole Foods stores. Ours is not entirely convenient, but we believe in the benefits of this effort so we're banding together with our neighbors to make a bi-weekly trip. Visit the Preserve website to learn more about drop-off locations, mail-in information and retail outlets in your area. I recently read that in some states curbside recycling programs are including #5 plastics, so I'm hopeful that this will eventually make its way to us. It's this type of cradle-to-cradle system that is making a significant difference for all of us and for our planet.

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  1. What a great tip! Even though Berkeley is filled with eco-conscious residents, our recycling program is also in the dark ages and only accepts #1's and #2's. I'm so relieved to find out there's a drop-off store less than 2 miles away from me, now I won't have to feel so guilty eating yogurt or replacing my Brita filter!


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