June 18, 2009


What an exciting week this has been! Last Saturday i received a package of swatches for my first line of fabric for Moda! This is the first step along the way in moving the collection closer to production. What a joy to see all these colorful patterns come to life in exciting and surprising ways. The line is called "Verna" and is a celebration of spring—which to me is a season about hope and optimism, and when the teeniest flower seems so big. Verna will be in fabric/quilting stores next Spring. The picture above is but a sneak peak (hey, have to give you some reason to check back!).

This is the very first time i've seen my art applied to fabric and it occurred to me that color adaptations from paper to fabric are as amazing as what happens when you fire a piece of pottery. There's a certain degree of unpredictability that i simply love and (yes, i'll admit it) am addicted to! I think part of being an artist is diving into the creative process and not always being able to see or know the outcome ahead of time.

So, back to Moda! After oohing, ahhing and then staring at the large pile on my drawing table, i had the daunting task of sifting and sorting through about 200 different color variations of all the patterns i had designed in order to select only 40. Yes, you read that correctly...40. I spent most of the week taking patterns out, putting them back in, revising some colors, mixing-and-matching...until...yesterday...it all clicked into place. I could hardly believe it and am so excited to share it once it's completed! Stay tuned.


  1. stumbled across you while researching art liscensing. these new fabrics are gorgeous... what a thrill this must be for you! congratulations!

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you for your comment! Always so nice to hear from fellow artists who share the inescapable need to create. Your blog is so colorful and it looks like we also share a passion for gardening (which is really how my fabric line blossomed). I always find inspiration out there somewhere between the dirt and petals. Keep digging!


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